Covered Fire Pits – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Tips

covered firepit close up in backyard

Are you going to pick a portable fire pit for the deck or a large built-in fire pit that grabs all the attention? Round or square, fire brick or cast iron? Read our guide to make sure you get the basics right. After that, it’s fairly simple to get the perfect fire pit for your needs and budget!

Best Squirrel Repellent [5 OPTIONS REVIEWED]

two squirrels standing in backyard grass

There are four main types of squirrel repellents, though not all of them are effective. The first line of defense is to create a physical barrier such as netting, chicken wire, or tree collars between squirrels and their intended food. Next are plant-based or predator urine-based repellents.

How Long Does Gel Fuel Last? [ANSWERED]

close up of alcohol gel fuel burning underneath pot

Gel fuel cans will last 3 hours for 13-15oz cans and 1 ½ hours for 7oz cans when used indoors, or outdoors with no wind, rain, or snow. The fuel can be preserved by snuffing out the flame and reattaching the lid to save as much gel as possible. The cans can be stored up to a year before beginning to lose potency.

Top 6 Outdoor Paddle Board Storage Racks

Two paddleboards leaning on a tall storage rack

Paddle board enthusiasts need a convenient and durable way to store their boards safely when they aren’t on the water. There are many options out there, but the most common are for indoor use, often in garages, which is not always practical or feasible. For those who lack storage space indoors, you may want to … Read More

6 Best Trampolines with Basketball Hoops | Buyer’s Guide

Man slam dunking basketball hoop on trampoline

Trampolines are a lot of fun on their own, but adding another activity or element elevates the fun to a whole new level. Now, instead of merely competing to jump the highest, they can combine trampolines with a sport (for example, basketball) to have endless opportunities to showcase their creative side.

3 Best Tiki Torches Reviewed | Buyer’s Guide

Tiki Torch burning with small flame and trees in background

Are you looking forward to purchasing the best available Tiki torch for your backyard or garden? A high-quality Tiki torch can be a great investment purchase to enhance the appearance of your garden. These stationary light sources can transform the look and feel of your backyard seating area at night time and create a warm … Read More

Primo Kamado Grill: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Ceramic grill - kamado barbecue stands on street. Rosa Khutor

If you’re in the market for a kamado-style grill, you will find there are several popular choices. If you’re having a hard time deciding, we are here to review one of the best among them. Now you’ve probably heard about the Primo Kamado Grill. They are The Primo Kamado Grill is a ceramic style cooker … Read More

Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters Reviewed

Shot of a typical terrace gas heater against blue sky

If you are interested in spending your time outdoors during colder months of the year, you should think about getting patio heaters installed. There are many different types of patio heaters available for you to get. Out of those different types of patio heaters, the natural gas patio heaters have received a lot of attention.  … Read More