Eliminate Millipedes with Bleach and Other Alternatives: Pest Control

Close up of Millipede upside on small thin branch with blurry background

You can eliminate millipedes with bleach. However, it is important to note that applying undiluted bleach can cause damage to the surface on which it is sprayed. Therefore, diluting the bleach before using it to kill millipedes is recommended. Although a diluted bleach spray may not kill the millipedes immediately, it will gradually break down … Read More

Best Methods to Eliminate Mosquito Larvae

Mosquito Swarm close up

Bleach can be an effective way of killing mosquito larvae. Yet, it’s a method that has serious drawbacks. Mainly the bleach can affect the environment in which the larvae are found. Also, it has the potential to kill off other organisms in the area.

Discover the Best Squirrel Repellent Solutions

two squirrels standing in backyard grass

There are four main types of squirrel repellents, though not all of them are effective. The first line of defense is to create a physical barrier such as netting, chicken wire, or tree collars between squirrels and their intended food. Next are plant-based or predator urine-based repellents.

Moose Running on Water? Wet and Wild Myth

moose running in water

Moose are the biggest member of the deer family, and they have many different traits which make them unique in their family. But is one of these traits walking on water? After a TikTok video has gone viral with a moose running on water, it has led many to people to wonder.

The Big Size Difference Between Moose and Humans

Close up of large moose looking off to the side

Have you ever wondered about the size difference between moose and humans? The size difference between moose and humans is astonishing, with an adult moose typically measuring up to 9 feet in body length. In terms of body mass, the average moose is much bigger than a human, weighing approximately ten times more than a … Read More

Using Bleach to Kill Ants? Discover the Truth

close up of ant in hole

Bleach can kill ants, but it is not a permanent solution. It will only work on the ants who have been exposed to the bleach. Leaving you wondering how to get rid of the nest. Also, there is an inherent health danger to yourself when using bleach.

Estimating Your Moose Meat Amount: Eating Well Advantage

moose meat prepared into culinary dish on white bowl plate

Have you ever considered estimating your moose meat amount? The moose meat amount obtainable ranges from 30% to 50% of its weight, determined by the weight of each cut quarter. Nevertheless, the amount of meat gathered can be impacted by factors such as bone size, condition, and meat handling. Moose meat sounds like a lot … Read More