Is Moose Munch Gluten Free? [ANSWERED]

Ever wondered if Moos Munch is gluten free? Well, Moose Munch does not state that its popcorn is free from gluten. Moose Munch does contain gluten free ingredients, like Popcorn which is made from corn and does not contain gluten. There are other gluten free ingredients like chocolate, caramel and nuts that are added to the popcorn range.

Moose Munch is an irresistible and super popular popcorn snack! They come in so many varieties with gluten free ingredients. But is Moose Munch really gluten-free?

Carry on reading to find out why Moose Munch popcorn snacks are not completely gluten-free.

close up of moose munch snack

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Is the Popcorn in Moose Munch Gluten Free?

Popcorn is made from corn which does not contain gluten. Popcorn is recommended as a safe alternative to wheat and is safe to consume if someone suffers from celiac disease.

Moose Munch is known to use the best corn for making their scrumptious popcorn and they do have a dedicated gluten-free selection. They also have a dedicated gluten-free facility for creating some of their other products like cookies, brownies, and macaroons.

The makers of Moose Munch-Harry and David- are compliant with the Food Allergen Labelling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (Title II of Public Law 108-282) as of January 1, 2006. This means they make sure to label their packaging clearly and highlight anything that could be an allergen.

The issue could arise at the supplier stage. Some suppliers handle a variety of grains in their warehouses. Some of the machinery used to sort out corn kernels may also be used for sorting other grains. Any warehouse that stores supplies that have gluten products and gluten free products together run the risk of cross-contamination.

Moose Munch clearly highlights this so that the consumer is fully aware.

What isn’t clear is if they pop the popcorn themselves in their gluten free facility. If they do then that could be reassuring to some consumers.

Is the Chocolate in Moose Munch Gluten Free?

It’s a sad fact, but everyone’s favorite ingredient-chocolate- can also have gluten.

Pure chocolate in its natural form is gluten free. But the taste of this type of chocolate is not to everyone’s liking and is certainly not something many manufacturers use.

Many gluten free products do contain dark chocolate and milk chocolate, but they also state that the chocolate was made in a ‘free from’ environment, ensuring the chocolate is free from dairy, gluten, nuts and wheat.

Not all chocolate can be included in your gluten free diet, even if gluten isn’t added to the ingredients list. This is because some different brands of chocolate carry ‘may contain’ statements, meaning the manufacturer has decided that there is a risk that the product could be contaminated with gluten.

Moose Munch cannot guarantee that their dark chocolate or milk chocolate does not contain gluten. If you read the product description, Moose Munch does not state that the chocolate they use is gluten free.

Does the Caramel in Moose Munch Have Gluten?

Caramel is typically seen as a gluten free sweet mixture as it is made from sugar, water, vanilla, milk, and salt, and these ingredients don’t usually have gluten in them individually. However, caramel that is produced by manufacturers may have other ingredients added to the caramel to give it extra texture, or to make it stick better to the product and to prevent the snack from becoming too sticky and a whole host of other reasons.

It isn’t clear if the caramel used on the Moose Munch popcorn is completely gluten free. Maybe it is, but they haven’t outright stated that and that could be for several legal reasons.

Are The Nuts in Moose Munch Gluten Free?

If you browse their website, you’ll find the premium Moose Munch popcorn selection has Macadamia nuts with white chocolate. Macadamia nuts, like many nuts, are gluten free. But, that’s only if they’re in their purest form and haven’t been tampered with in any way.

They also have an M&M popcorn selection which, as you know, has peanuts in them and is covered in chocolate. The problem with this is that any sort of coating added onto nuts, like chocolate and colouring, has the risk of having gluten in it.

Another thing to watch out for is that some nuts are coated with flavours and several manufacturers do add wheat to their seasonings, which is then added to the nuts. This not only enhances flavour but also helps with retaining shelf life too.

How to Check if Moose Munch is Gluten Free?

The best option is to contact Harry and David Operations who are the Manufacturers of Moose Munch. They may have changed their suppliers and processes so that their products are suitable for gluten-free diets.

They recently did a gluten free holiday selection for their cookies, brownies, and fruit options. These were clearly packaged as gluten free and as mentioned before, they do have a dedicated facility for producing gluten free goods.

Moose Munch was not in the gluten free range, which probably means it’s not gluten free. But this could change, as they were able to create a gluten free range for their other products.

If you read celiac forums, you’ll find that people have reached out to Harry and David customer services enquiring about Moose Munch. Their response has been that all their ingredients are clearly labeled, in compliance with the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004. This means they clearly list all their ingredients so that the consumers know exactly what’s in their product.

They also include a disclaimer that clearly states that the product may contain trace amounts of other nuts or allergens that are not listed in the ingredients.

When it comes to Moose Munch, they are clear that they cannot guarantee that Moose Munch is gluten free.


Moose Munch can be mistaken for being a gluten free product because it has the ingredients like popcorn, chocolate, caramel, and nuts which are classed as gluten free. But it’s at the manufacturing and processing stage where things get a bit murky and gluten can creep into these unsuspecting products.

Thankfully, Moose Munch does follow strict guidelines and does have a disclaimer to make consumers aware that the product may contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

If you’re on a gluten free diet but you’re not allergic to gluten in any way, then having Moose Munch shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you know you’re not allergic.

But if you are a celiac or suffer from other allergies, then it’s best not to consume Moose Munch.

If you were thinking of giving Moose Munch as a gift to workers, co-workers, or someone special, then it’s important to find out beforehand if anyone suffers from any allergens like gluten.