Are Mosquitoes Herbivores or Omnivores [ANSWERED]

Ever wondered if mosquitoes are considered herbivores or omnivores? Mosquitos are determined to be omnivores, due to the fact that they feed off of blood and plant nectar as adults. You may be familiar with the fact that only female mosquitos feed off of blood and are the reason so many of us despise them! However males do not suck blood, so this determination can be largely debated depending on the species, sex, and developmental stage of the mosquito. 

Many people like you will likely remember learning about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores in middle school biology classes. It is a categorizing system used to identify what kind of energy animals derive their energy from by way of food. But mosquitos are pretty tricky to place in the right category for a few different reasons.

So what are the distinctions that determine the answer to this question, and why is it so complicated? Keep reading to find out more about why this is a difficult question to explain and why the solution changes depending on certain factors.

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Mosquito Life Stages And What They Eat

One of the reasons this question is so tricky to answer is because different mosquito species eat different things through their stages of life. Because mosquitos are insects they go through a few different stages as they grow up where they eat different things.

In this section, we will explore all these different scenarios to best determine whether or not a mosquito is an herbivore or an omnivore.


Let us start at the beginning of the larvae stage. This comes just after the mosquitoes hatch from their eggs and are those little squirmy lumps of future mosquitoes. At this point, some species are herbivores. The larvae feed on algae and detritus (which is decomposing matter such as organic waste or even fine silt!). This is what fuels them till they grow into the next stage, where they can go out and find other food.

But some mosquito species are in fact carnivorous in this stage. These certain mosquitos will eat other mosquito larvae to grow to adulthood. You may not think of those larvae technically counting as meat, but eating another animal makes it a carnivorous action!


Now adult mosquitos generally have the same diet across all species. The difference lies in their sex. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that have the ability to bite flesh! They do this in order to gain the necessary protein needed for their egg production. Because of this the males do not need blood and do not have the tools for this.

But both sexes mainly consume plant nectar as their energy source as adults. This is why mosquitoes can be considered herbivores, as the adults use plants as their energy source. But because of the different foods at different stages and the differences between the sexes, it is not a simple box to check.

Are Female Mosquitos Omnivores or Carnivores?

As you can see by now, there is a lot of information to factor into the decision of which category mosquitoes fit into. So although it may be safe to say that male mosquitoes are herbivores, ruling out the possible fact they eat other mosquitoes when they are young, you still have to consider the female’s diet and how that factors into identifying the lot of them.

Even though female mosquitoes do eat blood, it is not necessarily for their dietary needs. The protein found within the blood is necessary for her eggs to develop correctly. But it does not completely contribute to her dietary needs. It is because of this the female mosquitoes still eat plant nectar alongside animal blood.

This is why female mosquitoes can be considered omnivores because they do eat both animals and plants. But this still makes it complicated when considering how to identify the whole species! There usually is not a difference in diets between males and females of other species, especially in this kind of drastic way.

And it is a big reason why you will find so many different categorizations of mosquitoes.

Are Mosquitoes Considered Parasites?

You might be wondering ‘Well they do consume blood, maybe they are just parasites? Wouldn’t that be easier?’. Sorry to say this but mosquitoes are definitely not considered to be parasites. In order to be a parasite, the mosquito would have to stay attached to its host and eventually kill it by using all its nutrients.

Since mosquitoes, and only female mosquitoes at that, only suck an animal’s blood before quickly leaving they could be considered a micro predator. But generally speaking, this does not qualify them to be parasites at all.

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So, if you have a running bet with a friend, missed this question at trivia night, or a just deeply curious about the eating habits of mosquitoes you now have a great basis of information to understand the topic.

Despite there being multiple different answers to the question ‘Are Mosquitoes Carnivores Herbivores or Omnivores’, it is generally safe to say they are omnivores. This ensures that you include the differences in species as well as sex, in order to show the diversity of mosquito diets.

This article is a general account of the mosquito questions, so it may be worth looking into specific species if you are curious about a species around you. This might help answer a specific question a bit better and give you a more concrete one.