Are Trampolines Bad for Scoliosis? [YES, HERE’S WHY]

Green trampoline on the lawn in garden close-up empty

Trampolines are both incredibly fun and considered brilliant exercise for adults and children alike. Rebounding exercise is considered a good workout – requiring little equipment and having a lot of strain taken off the body whilst working out, but if you happen to have a problem with your back, such as scoliosis, is it good for you?

How Much Do Trampolines Weigh? [36 MODELS EXAMINED]

trampolines with net on beach with water in background

Wondering how much trampolines actually weigh? Here are the sizes and weights for some of the popular trampoline models available today: Brand  Top Model Size Weight Alley Oop 14’ Trampoline With Enclosure 14ft. 494 lbs Happy Trampoline 13×23 FT Best Trampoline USA XHD by Galactic Xtreme with Enclosure 13ft. x 23ft. 700 lbs JumpFlex Flex … Read More

Why Do I Pee When I Jump on the Trampoline?

Young man hasa to pee while jumping on trampoline with surprised look on face

Even the most dedicated trampoline users have experienced needing to pee whilst bouncing. Although this is not uncommon, it doesn’t take away the embarrassment of it. It is important that these leaks of urine, no matter how small, are not ignored or laughed off. Leaking whilst bouncing is more common in women but can affect men in … Read More