Choosing the Best Wall-Mounted Patio Heaters

Wall-mounted patio heaters are a great way to keep your patio warm during the cooler seasons.

They are particularly useful if your patio is tight on space (perhaps a low ceiling).

As suggested by the name, wall-mounted patio heaters can be hung on a wall near your patio, and it will get the job done.

It provides localized heating in outdoor spaces, offering a convenient and space-saving solution.

At the end of the article, we will provide a brief guide to help you choose the perfect wall-mounted patio heater for your needs.

An example of wall-mounted patio heaters
Heater on a street to help warm people during cold weather

Gas Wall Heaters

  • Ventless (or Vent-Free): These heaters burn gas (usually natural gas or propane) and release the heat directly into the room without the need for a vent.
  • Vented: These heaters have a flue or vent that expels combustion byproducts outside, making them suitable for larger spaces.

Electric Wall Heaters

  • Fan-forced: These heaters use an electric heating element and a fan to distribute warm air throughout the room.
  • Radiant: Emit infrared radiation to directly heat objects and people in their line of sight.
  • Convection: Warm air rises from the heater, creating a natural circulation of heat in the room.

Halogen Heaters

  • Halogen heaters differ from infrared in that they use halogen bulbs.
  • However, the heat is not derived directly from the bulb.
  • The halogen gas heats up, allowing the bulb to burn very brightly for a long time.
  • The halogen heaters are more economical, using less energy to heat the area.
  • No fossil fuels are involved or emitting exhaust, so it’s eco-friendly.
  • Halogen heaters are not hot to the touch, making them safe if you have children or pets in the heated area.

They suit smaller areas but cannot heat a much larger space.

Infrared Heaters

  • Infrared heaters resemble the Sun in how they heat up.
  • The infrared light touches our skin and absorbs the warmth.
  • The coils heat, and the deflector directs the heat outward.
  • Infrared heaters are quiet, environmentally friendly, and offer instant heat.
  • They are very efficient and do not waste energy while producing heat.

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Tips For Buying the Best Wall-Mounted Patio Heaters

Let’s explore the factors that you should take into account when purchasing one.

  1. Do you have access to electricity outdoors? If so, how far away is the socket? Make sure the heater you buy has a power cord that is sufficiently long. If not, get an extension cord.
  2. Find out how much clearance the heater needs from the ceiling. Most patio heaters have a safety requirement. Find the sweet spot between this safe clearance and the height at which the heat is best distributed.
  3. Determine the heat output of the heater you are buying. If you have a small patio, a large wattage will be more of a problem. Conversely, if you have a large patio, something like the Muskoka 3000W Remote Controlled Patio Heater could be just what you need.
  4. Look for extra features like an auto shutdown timer and high heat auto shutdown. For a price range, find a heater that offers the most features.

Final Thoughts

Please remember the reasons for choosing wall-mounted patio heaters.

Gas or electric heaters can offer warmth using differing processes. Within the electric heaters group, choose either halogen or infrared.

These are some of the features to consider when buying wall-mounted patio heaters.

  • Space-Saving Design: Wall-mounted heaters are mounted on the wall, saving floor space and providing flexibility in room layout.
  • Easy Installation: They are typically designed for straightforward installation, often requiring a connection to an electrical power source or a gas line, depending on the type.
  • Customizable Controls: Many wall-mounted heaters come with adjustable settings and thermostats, allowing users to control the temperature according to their preferences.
  • Targeted Heating: Wall-mounted heaters are effective for heating specific areas or rooms, making them suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or offices.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Some models are designed with aesthetics in mind, providing a sleek and modern look that can complement the decor of the room.

Enjoy living the outdoor life!!!

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