How Hot Does a Fire Pit Get? [FUEL SOURCE DIFFERENCES]

fire pit extremely hot with red embers

Fire pits are a great way to move your living space outdoors all year round or warm a small indoor space. They are functionally designed and come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. Fire pits are great for hosting parties, roasting marshmallows, enjoying family time while keeping warm, or creating an inviting atmosphere with the dancing orange flames.

Complete Guide to Chimineas & How They’re Used

Various sized chimineas on display

Few things light up an entertainment space literally and figuratively like chimineas. These fire pits with legs are superbly cozy, useful, and durable. With the joy of being a chiminea owner, there are naturally a lot of questions about them, what you can do with them, and of course, how to take care of them, that need answers.

How Long Does Gel Fuel Last? [ANSWERED]

close up of alcohol gel fuel burning underneath pot

Gel fuel cans will last 3 hours for 13-15oz cans and 1 ½ hours for 7oz cans when used indoors, or outdoors with no wind, rain, or snow. The fuel can be preserved by snuffing out the flame and reattaching the lid to save as much gel as possible. The cans can be stored up to a year before beginning to lose potency.

Do Gel Fuel Fireplaces Produce Heat?

gel fuel fireplace

Wondering if gel fuel fireplaces produce heat? Gel Fuel Fireplaces do produce heat and can provide warmth for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Gel Fuel fireplaces can hold between one to three canisters of fuel and therefore can produce heat that you can customize. Since they are portable, they can be placed in your living … Read More

Can a Fire Pit Damage Concrete Patio?

Beautiful backyard with firepit on top of concrete

There is not much more relaxing than sitting around your fire pit and enjoying the nature around you. Fire pits bring so much to a hangout, whether you are with your friends or family. Whether it is cold or warm outside, fire pits can be used during any time of the year and can elevate … Read More

3 Best Tiki Torches Reviewed | Buyer’s Guide

Tiki Torch burning with small flame and trees in background

Are you looking forward to purchasing the best available Tiki torch for your backyard or garden? A high-quality Tiki torch can be a great investment purchase to enhance the appearance of your garden. These stationary light sources can transform the look and feel of your backyard seating area at night time and create a warm … Read More

What Is The Best Base For A Fire Pit?

fire pit base

If you’re looking for a fun time, one good option is to be putting in a fire pit into your backyard. And while that is a simple thing, there are a lot of questions – and concerns – revolving around fire pits. But don’t worry, we’ve got some answers for your questions and more. For … Read More