Will Pressure Washers Remove Oil From Concrete?

driveway with oil stain from car exhaust

Pressure washers can be used to remove car oil from concrete with enough pressure and gallons of water. However, the washers can’t remove the oil stain on their own, the washer needs to be paired with a degreaser concrete cleaner for oil stains and the cleaner needs to be left alone for several minutes to work.

How Much Oil Does a Pressure Washer Take?

pressure washer on driveway

The average amount of oil a pressure washer takes is about 5 ounces (per cycle). This holds true for gas-powered pressure washers however there are electric pressure washers that may require less or even none at all. Make sure to check your user’s manual for the exact amount.

9 Fun Things to Do With A Pressure Washer

young man about to have fun with pressure washer

Fortunately, there are many other fun ways to use pressure washers. It’s time to consider this as a multi-purpose tool that you can use all around the house. Keep reading to pick up some new ideas in this list of lesser-known fun things to do with a pressure washer.

Are Pressure Washers Dangerous? [ANSWERED]

Man pressure washing side of buidling on scaffolding

Pressure washers are extremely effective at removing tough to get out stains from things like dirt, paint, and other materials from surfaces but what could possibly go wrong when you’re spraying water with a force of 4,000 pounds per square inch of pressure?  Are pressure washers dangerous to use?

Can You Use Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer?

car being cleaned at home by pressure washer with soap

Wondering if you can use car wash soap in your pressure washer to clean your car? Cleaning your car with your pressure washer is possible. However, you do need to check to see if your washer has a soap tank. Also, the soap that you use should be specially formulated for use with pressure washers.