11 Crucial Pressure Washer Safety Tips You Must Follow: Blast with Care

Man waering safety equipment pressure washing side of building

Some pressure washer safety tips include wearing goggles, ear protection, and a mask and avoiding electrical and other hazards. We have 11 total tips that will help keep you safe. Pressure washing is an effective and fast way of cleaning various surfaces. It’s important to remember that machines can be dangerous if not used correctly. … Read More

Does Pressure Washing With Bleach Harm Your Grass: Expert Insights

Picture of dead grass and a chalk outline of body on the dead grass

Will pressure washing with bleach harm your grass? You can safely pressure wash without worrying about grass and plants with the proper bleach-to-water ratio. We offer the best methods of using bleach and other cleaning chemicals without damaging your grass and plants. When you decide to pressure wash your house, it is wise to know … Read More

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

worker with high pressure washer cleaning house facade

If you pressure wash your house you will yield amazing results, but it’s important to remember that you should only do a full house wash once every year. However, if you encounter special circumstances where a specific area has gotten dirty, you can wash that area as and when you need to. One often-overlooked use … Read More

Should You Buy an Electric Pressure Washer?

Pressure Washer on front lawn

Wondering if it’s worth getting an electric pressure washer? Electric pressure washers are the most popular option. The main reason is that they are more affordable than gas washers. They are lighter in weight, too. Yet, electric washers aren’t as durable as the gas alternatives.

Can You Use Hot Water in a Pressure Washer? Learn the Truth

High pressured pressure washer using hot water to clean graffiti on street

It is impossible to use hot water in a pressure washer designed for cold water use. Attempting to do so can damage the unit by melting the internal seals and causing overheating. Cold-water pressure washers can handle temperatures up to 150 Fahrenheit, but for higher temperatures, it is recommended to use hot water pressure washers … Read More