Should You Buy an Electric Pressure Washer?

You should buy an electric pressure washer for lighter cleaning jobs. It’s affordable, has lower maintenance, and is easy to store. Heavy-duty cleaning would need a gas-powered pressure washer.

Pressure washers can simplify cleaning tasks around your property.

You may be considering an electric version but are uncertain if it is the best option, especially when gas-powered alternatives are available.

Buying a pressure washer is a great investment.

You get a professional-level result as well as cut down the amount of cleaning time around your property.

Find out whether an electric or gas washer is better for you.

Reason to buy an electric pressure washer shown on a lawn outside a house.

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Reasons to Buy an Electric Pressure Washer

When shopping for a pressure washer, you may notice that DIY and hardware stores carry more electric versions than gas-powered ones.

This is because electric washers are cheaper to purchase and require less maintenance.

Let’s explore the benefits and why you should buy an electric pressure washer.

Great for Around the House

Electric pressure washers are more than capable of handling cleaning tasks around your property, such as:

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They offer a decent level of pressure while still being quiet.

Usually, these pressure washers produce 1,300 to 1,700 PSI.

Some models can provide up to 2,000 PSI.

The gentle flow of water provides thorough cleaning without damaging your surfaces.

Adding attachments can increase the water pressure even further.

Yet, electric washers aren’t as powerful as their gas counterparts.

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Because they are light, electric washers are easy to carry around with you. 

The size of the unit makes them easy to store away in your garage or shed.

Electric washers often require a long cord, and some people believe that using an extension cord is not an option as it may shorten the machine’s lifespan.

For extension cords longer than 25 feet, use a 12- or 14-gauge wire to provide enough power for your washer.

Be careful with extension cords around water.

Environmentally Friendly

You’re not using gas to power your electric washer, so it doesn’t emit anything environmentally damaging.

Electric pressure washers are less durable than gas ones, so you may have to replace them sooner.

However, you can recycle your old machine at a local recycling center instead of discarding it.

By doing so, you are saving the environment even more.

Low Ongoing Costs

Electric washers require just a one-time purchase cost, eliminating further expenses.

With gas-powered equivalents, you have the continued cost of fuel.

Electric washers may appear to be a cheap alternative to gas-powered washers, but they come with a hidden cost.

This is because most electric washers use low-quality components, which may result in replacing the unit sooner than if you had opted for a gas-powered washer.

Electric washers are hard to fix, so repairing your machine is expensive.

Therefore, getting rid of it and purchasing a new one is more economical.

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Electric Pressure Washers

Are Electric Pressure Washers Worth It?

If you want a washer to take care of domestic tasks around your property, you should buy an electric pressure washer.

You can usually pick up a unit for around $150 to $200.

Aside from the affordability, these washers can give you a decent amount of pressure.

You can adjust the pressure with the nozzle.

These two factors are what make electric washers a popular choice.

There are no ongoing costs.

It’s simply plugging in your washer, and you’re ready to go.

Yet, when electric washers break down, you face a hefty repair bill.

It’s more economical to purchase a new machine.

If you need to do heavy-duty cleaning, electric washers may not be reliable enough.

Gas Pressure Washers

If you want to buy a more heavy-duty machine, then gas washers are the way to go.

For more severe inground stains and growths, they are the best option to use.


Gas pressure washers can produce anywhere from 2,100 to 4,000 PSI.

These machines offer commercial-level cleaning while taking care of domestic tasks.

Be cautious while washing delicate surfaces and adjust the pressure accordingly.

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Efficient Cleaning

The higher-level pressure available with gas machines allows you to clean faster.

The washing time can be reduced to a third of that compared with electric washers.

More Portable

As these washers are powered by fuel, you can take them to places electric washers could never reach.

Gas machines are designed for commercial use and are typically heavier than their electric counterparts.

However, they come with wheels for easy maneuverability.

More Durable

Gas-powered pressure washers are specifically designed for larger and more demanding tasks.

Due to their robust build, they tend to be more durable than electric washers, meaning that you won’t need to replace your machine as frequently as you would have to with an electric washer.

Also, repairs are easier to carry out with gas washers.

This allows you to extend the life of your unit for as long as possible.

Fuel Cost

In order to run your machine, you need gas, which can become a financial burden if the price of fuel increases.

Additionally, you may need to purchase cleaning detergent to wash with, which can add to the overall cost.

Extra Safety Precautions Needed

When using the gas pressure washer, it is important to protect yourself from harmful emissions by using proper fuel.

When using your machine, be cautious as the power produced can cause damage to surfaces and paintwork.

While washing, be careful of blowback and debris pushed back towards you by water pressure.

When moving gas washers, it is important to use correct posture and take care when lifting the machine due to its weight.

Noise Pollution

Gas-powered pressure washers generate more noise due to their higher pressure compared to electric washers.

If you want to minimize the noise, then go electric.

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Gas Pressure Washers

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Final Thoughts

When deciding between electric and gas washers, consider the cleaning demands and cost-benefits.

Gas pressure washers are more expensive due to ongoing fuel costs and the added expense of antifreeze during winter.

Gas washers are more durable and powerful than electric ones, despite the higher initial cost.

Electric pressure washers are convenient for small household tasks, but repairing them is often costly.

As a result, many people choose to discard broken appliances and buy new ones instead.

Consider the types of projects you wish to accomplish before you buy an electric pressure washer.

You may need to choose a gas-powered pressure washer for the longer term.

Good Luck!!!

Enjoy living the outdoor life!!!