Why Does My Pressure Washer Have Low Pressure?

Using a pressure washer is a fantastic way of getting through stubborn dirt and grime, you can use them to clean many things, including cars, mobile homes, garden equipment, BBQ’s and a whole lot more.

But what can you do if your pressure washer has low pressure, and why would this happen?

One of the reasons a pressure washer commonly loses pressure because of an obstruction in the pressure washer wand. Debris can often get lodged in the hole making your pressure washer perform at sub-optimal levels.

Let’s take a look at some other possible reasons why your pressure washer is low on pressure and how you can make sure that you can always get the right amount of pressure from your washer.

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Problems with your pressure washer

As previously mentioned make sure that the pressure washer wand has no debris stuck in the nozzle, but remember to never point the end of the hose at your face whilst the pressure washer is turned on.

Pressure washers can be dangerous and proper safety measures should always be put in place and followed when using one.

Next, check the wand connection, unscrew, and check inside the connection and inlet on the pressure washer making sure there is no obstruction.

When reconnecting make sure the wand is attached correctly and firmly.

You should then check the connection at the water inlet, making sure to check for obstructions in the valve and checking that the hose is secured and in place, also check for any damage to the rubber grommets.

If you are using a water butt you should check to make sure there is no sediment/grime at the very bottom of the tank, the hose could be getting clogged at the inlet.

If you have checked all these things and you still have low pressure in your pressure washer you may have a fault with the motor, if this is the case you should consult the user manual and/or contact a specialist. 

Maintaining your pressure washer

To make sure you have a pressure washer that runs at its desired pressure each and every time you use it, you should make sure that properly maintain, service, and store your pressure washer in the correct way.

Make sure to clean your pressure washer down each and every time you use it, cleaning any dirt, debris, or oil off.

Remove all hoses when stowing your washer away, this is especially important during the winter months.

When water freezes it expands, this can cause splits in hoses, damage to perishable parts, or even irreparable damage to the internal working of your pressure washer.

If you do find any problems with your pressure washer you should always replace it with the correct models’ parts, if the problem is an internal one you should consult the manufacturer regarding replacing and repair.

How to maintain and store your pressure washer

Problems with your water supply

Another reason your pressure washer could be running on low pressure is because of your garden hose that is supplying the water to the machine.

Make sure to check that your hose doesn’t have any kinks or splits in it, this could cause a severe loss of pressure.

You should also try removing the hose from the pressure washer and check the water flow coming out the end, if you found that the water supply is low check back along the hose feeling for any debris or stones caught inside of it, causing an obstruction.

If you have low pressure at the end of your garden hose and you have checked all the things mentioned previously, the problem could be your garden hose length.

The longer the garden hose the less pressure at the end, you might need to think about using a shorter hose.

Finally, if the problem persists then that would suggest you have a problem with the main supply and would need a professional to look at your water pressure.

How do I increase the pressure on my pressure washer?

Some pressure washers have dials on them that can be turned up or down to increase and decrease the water pressure on your pressure washer.

A typical consumer bought pressure washer allows between 1400 and 2300 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. This will often be enough for around the home jobs like washing a deck or cleaning a concrete driveway.

If you require something that allows more pressure then you would have to hire a pressure washer from a specialist or contact a professional pressure washing company.

You can also increase the pressure of a pressure washer by turning the end of the spray wand in a clockwise/anticlockwise fashion.

This creates a spray or stream depending on which way you turn the end.

Consult your products’ particular user manual for instructions on which directions to turn it for your desired outcome.

How to Adjust the Pressure on a Power Washer

Will a pressure washer work if you have low water pressure?

If you have low water pressure in your home your pressure washer should still be able to operate at high pressure, the pressure washer creates its own water pressure.

Most pressure washers wash at approximately 2 gallons per minute (GPM), so providing your water supply is able to deliver more than 2 GPM you should be absolutely fine to run your pressure washer.

Most common households have a water supply of 15 GSM, this is more than enough to provide the correct amount of water, even for pressure washing your house.


To make sure your pressure washer runs at optimal pressure for years to come it is worth taking the time to make sure that the pressure washer is serviced and maintained every time is used.

Check for any blockages and splits along all hoses, including garden hoses, and make sure you dont have a fault at the main outlet tap.

Rubber washers and grommets should always be checked to make sure they aren’t frayed or damaged as this can cause a loss in pressure also.

If you find that your pressure washing is still running on low pressure you should take it to a professional, as the problem is most probably something today with the internal working of the machine.

Pressure washers are generally very robust machines that can take a lot of punishment, but if you take the extra time to keep your pressure washer clean and serviced you should find it will last you for a long time to come.