Can You Use Hot Water in a Pressure Washer? Learn the Truth

It is impossible to use hot water in a pressure washer designed for cold water use.

Attempting to do so can damage the unit by melting the internal seals and causing overheating.

Cold-water pressure washers can handle temperatures up to 150 Fahrenheit, but for higher temperatures, it is recommended to use hot water pressure washers specifically designed for this purpose.

Pressure washers are great at removing grime, dirt, and paint from various surfaces.

However, in some cases, when dealing with grease, hot water may be more effective for cleaning.

Considering this, can you use hot water in a pressure washer?

The limitations of a cold-water pressure washer may not be sufficient to clean all surfaces.

In such cases, purchasing a hot water pressure washer could be viable.

Read on to learn more.

Sample of a man using hot water in a pressure washer to clean graffiti on street.

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Cold Water vs Hot Water Pressure Washers

Cold Water Pressure Washers

This is one of the most crucial considerations when determining the value of using hot water in a pressure washer: what exactly are you purchasing?

Coldwater pressure washers are the most commonly used that people purchase for home use.

These pressure washers come with several benefits, such as being more cost-effective, smaller in size than their hot water counterparts, and much simpler to operate.

They are designed to cater to the needs of average homeowners for cleaning their patios.

This is one of my articles showing what size pressure washer you would need to clean concrete.

Although they are designed for smaller tasks at home, it doesn’t mean that they cannot handle bigger jobs if needed.

These units rely on the force of pressurized water to eliminate stubborn dirt, which makes them unsuitable for removing oil and other types of stains.

However, given their straightforward operation and maintenance, it’s no surprise that many people prefer using them for household cleaning.

I use my cold water pressure washer for cleaning the patio and pool deck using a specific detergent.

It really cleans the dirt leaving the concrete looking like new.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

It’s possible that most households may only have a cold-water pressure washer and not a hot-water one.

However, hot-water pressure washers are necessary for handling the heat and creating the necessary pressure, so they tend to be much heavier than cold-water ones.

This can make them difficult to store and move around when in use.

Hot water units are a specific type of washer that is more commonly used in industrial settings rather than for domestic use.

They are more difficult to understand due to their niche nature.

However, if you need to clean up a large amount of mess that involves grease or oil, a hot water unit is the best tool for the job.

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When to Use Hot Water in a Pressure Washer

As previously mentioned, if you need to clean greasy surfaces, you will need hot water to properly melt the grease away.

This is because hot water breaks down the grime at a molecular level, rather than just relying on pressure alone to wash it away.

Therefore, hot water in a pressure washer is highly recommended for those who work in the food industry, such as catering or restaurant settings, as they are much more effective at removing tough stains and messes.

It’s important to note that cold water cannot effectively break down grease, eliminate harmful bacteria and mold, or meet strict health and safety standards.

If your job involves machine maintenance, a hot water pressure washer is necessary to properly remove engine grease.

Apart from specific industries, most people do not require a hot water pressure heater.

Whether you should invest in one of these units depends on how frequently you encounter greasy messes in your daily life.

Is the number of times you encounter such messes worth sacrificing a considerable amount of space for the unit and dealing with its mobility challenges?

Although it allows for less detergent and faster cleaning, most households won’t require it.

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Cold Water Pressure Washers Uses

In most cases, a cold-water pressure washer will do the job of washing off caked-on dirt, clearing debris, or stripping paint.

This means that for nearly every domestic use, a cold-water pressure washer is a great choice.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry when it comes to cleaning most things as a cold-water pressure washer can handle it just fine.

Other industries that require pressure washers can easily use cold water, including:

  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Transportation

To summarize, unless you require hot water to dissolve grease and eliminate bacteria on a regular basis, a hot water pressure washer is not essential.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you frequently encounter grease stains, the cost of purchasing a hot water pressure washer will be less than having to repeatedly replace a cold water unit, which can break as a result of running hot water through it.

Therefore, if you frequently come across stains that require heat, investing in a hot water pressure washer may be a better option.

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Final Thoughts

You risk breaking a cold water pressure unit by running hot water through it.

However, hot water pressure washers are available.

It’s important to consider if you really need a hot water pressure washer before investing in one.

Hot water units are often bulky, difficult to work with and require more space for storage.

In contrast, cold water pressure washers are designed for more domestic use and are easier to manage.

However, if you frequently deal with oil or grease spills and messes, it may be worth investing in a hot water pressure washer to avoid damaging your cold water unit by running hot water through it.

I have been pressure washing my yard for years and never once thought of putting hot water in a pressure washer.

Enjoy living the outdoor life!!!