Is It Okay to Put a Refrigerator Outside?

Young Male Technician Checking Fridge With Digital Multimeter

When you move into your own place, a lot of people dream of being able to store things in a fridge outside so it is easy to access when you decide to have people over. The trouble you may run into when you decide to do this is maintaining your fridge so it does not … Read More

Primo Kamado Grill: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Ceramic grill - kamado barbecue stands on street. Rosa Khutor

If you’re in the market for a kamado-style grill, you will find there are several popular choices. If you’re having a hard time deciding, we are here to review one of the best among them. Now you’ve probably heard about the Primo Kamado Grill. They are The Primo Kamado Grill is a ceramic style cooker … Read More

Best Outdoor Smokers For Beginners | 4 Smokers Reviewed

Meat prepared in barbecue smoker for competition.

Whether you like to hunt or fish, it is worthy to think about purchasing one of the best quality outdoor smokers available in the market. Or maybe you just like to impress your guests and neighbors, that’s fine too! Outdoor smokers will provide you with the chance to smoke meat for long periods of time … Read More

Best Pizza Stone for Charcoal Grill | Buyers Guide

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Cooking pizza at home is one of life’s little joys, and pizza stones can help home cooks achieve perfectly crisp-yet-chewy pizza dough. What starts as a hobby or weekend endeavour can quickly turn into a passion or even obsession! Using a pizza stone on a charcoal grill imbues the dough with a very particular and … Read More

4 Awesome Fridges For The Outdoors

white fridge in backyard

A good outdoor fridge is a must-have in order to create the perfect backyard experience when BBQ’ing. With summer just around the corner, you will want a good outdoor fridge to keep cool beverages handy while you spend time in your backyard or patio. And there are some pretty impressive options available in the market.

Best BBQ for Your Balcony

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If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t have enough space for a barbeque grill. You probably need to make do with your balcony, and that often means you can’t go with traditional sized BBQs. Fortunately, there are plenty of barbeque grills in the market that are sized to fit right into your balcony … Read More

Best Pizza Stone for BBQ

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If you’re into making pizza at your own home and have wondered why the end result isn’t as soft and crisp as the pizza you buy outside, a pizza stone could be just what you need. With the right pizza stone, you can make a great pizza in your own BBQ grill. The end result … Read More