Stop Leaving Outdoor Heaters In Rain!

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If you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces during the cooler seasons, outdoor heaters are a great choice. Once you learn to use these devices, they can serve as practical alternatives to building a fire. But compared to a fire, how does an outdoor heater fare in the rain?

Can You Use a Patio Heater Under a Covered Patio?

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A patio heater is a must-have item for the cooler seasons. It is a great alternative to a fire, allowing you to use the outer living spaces of a house, restaurant, or office (patios, balconies, lawns, etc.) during the months when it would normally be too cold to hang outside. But one recurring question about … Read More

How to Light an Outdoor Fire Pit

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Outdoor fire pits are popular for two reasons. Not only do they allow you to use your outdoor living space during the cooler seasons, but their burning flame also adds to the overall aesthetics of the space. But lighting one up can be a challenging task if you haven’t done it before. The steps to … Read More

Make A Hydraulic Log Splitter

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For many of us out there in the world, the long and cold winter months bring the inescapable toil of chopping or chainsawing wood as fuel for heating their homes. A lot of people only deal with needing wood for heat a few times a year. Whether it’s a weekend skiing or a summer camping, … Read More

What Is A Wood Splitter?

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Splitting wood by hand is an arduous and unnecessary process. And while axes and saws have their place, jobs that require a lot of wood to be split can become overwhelming. Fortunately, tools like wood splitter make this necessary task much simpler. So, what is a wood splitter? Wood splitters are machines used for splitting … Read More

Gas vs. Electric Log Splitters

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Log splitters have quickly overshadowed the exhausting act of using an axe. Rather than breaking a sweat and feeling sore the next day, you can use one of these machines to do the job for you. That being said, you’ll have to choose which type you prefer first. So, when it comes to gas log … Read More

How to Split Logs: Guide

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Log splitters are efficient and easy to use. However, if they’re not handled properly, they can quickly turn into dangerous tools. When using any type of machinery, like a log splitter, safety should always come first. Once safety is ensured, using a log splitter properly and understanding how it works means getting the job done … Read More

What Size Log Splitter Do I Need?

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So, what size log splitter do I need? Well, it all depends on what you’ll be using it for. The size of a log splitter is determined by tonnage. Large logs require a 30-ton log splitter, whereas small logs can be split by a 4-ton splitter. The age, type of wood, and other factors matter … Read More

How to Use a Log Splitter

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If you spend a lot of time outdoors and live in an area full of trees, you may be spending a lot of time breaking those trees down into usable wood. Perhaps you rely on that wood for heat and other forms of energy, or perhaps you have a side hustle selling it. One of … Read More