Using a Fire Pit in a Gazebo: Safety Tips and Considerations

Fire pit under Gazebo with patio furniture surrounding it in backyard

The use of a fire pit in a gazebo depends on its setup like an open-air type or enclosed gazebo. Fire safety procedures must be well-understood. A gazebo is a great addition to any backyard, allowing you to bring dining and entertainment outdoors in a controlled, weather-protected environment. Whether it’s a fully enclosed structure or … Read More

How Many Sides Does a Gazebo Have? [ANSWERED]

Gazebo with landscaping showing example of how to eliminate grass from mulch

This is a confusing question because there are so many different styles of gazebo, and if you want to be sure of what gazebo you want, you need to know if there are rules for which gazebo has how many sides. Besides, there are many structures similar to a gazebo and it’s possible what you thought was just a 4-sided gazebo was actually a pavilion. So how many sides does a gazebo have?

How to Install a Gazebo Without Drilling into Concrete

wooden gazebo installed on concrete pad

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy a Gazebo, but not everyone wants or has concrete to drill it into. You still need some way to secure it or risk the wind uplifting it and toppling it over. So what can you do? n this article, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for giving your gazebo good footing without ruining your best electric drill on concrete.

How Do Gazebos Hold Up in Wind?

Rows of gazebos on the beach in the winder with blue sky background

Gazebos hold up in wind with the help of the frame, leg weight bars, guy ropes/guy lines, and gazebo wind bars. These 4 components strengthen your gazebo if set up correctly and positioned smartly on your property.  Whether in your backyard, at a park, or in the town square, a gazebo is a picturesque addition … Read More