Using a Fire Pit in a Gazebo: Safety Tips and Considerations

The use of a fire pit in a gazebo depends on its setup like an open-air type or enclosed gazebo. Fire safety procedures must be well-understood.

A gazebo is a great addition to any backyard, allowing you to bring dining and entertainment outdoors in a controlled, weather-protected environment.

Whether it’s a fully enclosed structure or simply an open casing, a gazebo is an excellent way to complete your backyard space and enjoy the great outdoors all day long.

Fire pits are a great addition to any backyard space, offering both recreational and design benefits.

They are easy to maintain and practical to use, making them a stunning feature.

Why not take it up a notch and combine it with a gazebo?

Can You Use a Fire Pit in a Gazebo

Open-Air Gazebos

A fire pit in a gazebo is acceptable if it has an open-air design with proper ventilation and no buildup of chemicals or smoke.

Some gazebos have a top opening that acts as a chimney. This prevents harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide from building up in your space and causing coughing from smoke and fumes.

It is crucial to maintain a safe distance between the roof of the gazebo and the fire pit, especially for wooden or synthetic structures, to prevent flames from reaching the rafters.

If your gazebo is tall and well-ventilated, it is safe to add a fire pit. However, if it is shorter, reconsider due to the risk of tall flames. Prioritize fire safety inspections and caution.

Solid Roof Gazebo

If your gazebo lacks proper ventilation through the roof or is screened in, it’s unsafe to place a fire pit inside. The flames and chemicals from the fire could become hazardous within the structure.

The less ventilation a gazebo offers, the easier it is for the smoke and fumes to build up and cause harm to the occupants (not to mention that it would not be enjoyable to breathe in smoke all evening).

Before installing a fire pit in a gazebo with a solid roof, it is important to have your space inspected.

If the pavilion is tall and open on the sides, then you can use a fire pit in a gazebo. 

If you have a small, enclosed gazebo, it is not safe to use a fire pit due to the risk of fire damage and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keeping Safe With a Fire Pit in a Gazebo

If your gazebo matches all of the requirements for a fire pit, then you should be good to move forward with the installation.

However, it is still necessary to be aware of a few fire safety tips.

When working with fire, or appliances like patio heaters, especially one under an enclosed structure, being aware of fire safety could end up saving your life and the gazebo structure.

Here are a few tips for a fire pit in a gazebo.

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Flammable Materials

The safety of a fire pit also depends on the furniture and curtains that may be adorning your gazebo.

For many people, customizing and decorating their gazebo is as important as decorating a room. This includes chairs, benches, drapes, curtains, and more.

These items near a fire pit can pose a dangerous risk despite being shared in a gazebo.

If you’re planning to add a fire pit in a gazebo, ensure that no flammable materials can get near the fire.

If your gazebo has a canopy or awning, avoid having a fire pit, as there is a chance of a stray ember burning a hole in it.

Local Regulations

Each town, county, state, or municipality has its own fire safety regulations. What is allowed in one area may not be permitted in another.

For example, some counties regulate the size of fire pits, while others do not.

During dry summers, areas may have “no burn” rules. It’s important to know local fire use rules, which vary based on the environment.

Stay Away From Trees

This fire safety tip suggests that if your gazebo is surrounded by low-hanging branches or dense trees, a fire pit may not be the best choice.

However, if there are no trees in the area that could catch on fire, then a fire pit could be okay.

Always make a note of your surroundings before deciding to install a fire pit in your gazebo.

Have an Emergency Plan

A nearby fire extinguisher is a must for a gazebo in a fire pit.

Fire can be unpredictable, so having a plan to combat the unexpected should always be a necessity before installing your fire pit.

Treat the fire pit like a fire drill and have an escape plan, a way to extinguish it, and phone numbers to call should the fire spread beyond what you can control.

Remember to never leave children unattended while the fire pit is active.

It is a good rule to have a responsible person monitoring the fire pit at all times.


A fire pit in a gazebo can enhance your outdoor experience and provide more space for entertaining.

However, ensuring safety when having fires is always a top concern, even more important than comfort.

Unfortunately, fire pits are not always able to be situated in a consistent location.

Make sure to prevent an unsafe mix of the gazebo and fire pit.

Always follow local regulations for outside fire pits.

Enjoy living the outdoor life!!!