Can a Fire Pit Damage Concrete Patio?

There is not much more relaxing than sitting around your fire pit and enjoying the nature around you. Fire pits bring so much to a hangout, whether you are with your friends or family.

Whether it is cold or warm outside, fire pits can be used during any time of the year and can elevate your night. So many great hang-out stores start out with a group of people sitting sound a fire.

When you either bought or made your fire pit, you may have it on your concrete patio and it is only normal to wonder if it will cause any damage to it.

It is only natural for you to have that concern so you can properly make a decision on if you want a fire pit or where you want to have it.

Beautiful backyard with firepit on top of concrete

Will A Fire Pit Damage Your Concrete Patio?

The short answer to this question is yes, a fire pit will damage your concrete patio or any heat sensitive surface below it. Concrete is among the most frequently used materials when it comes to building patios.

The reason for that is because of concrete’s availability, cost-effectiveness, and it is very durable. When the weather becomes cold and chilly, usually wood burning fire pits are used to give off immense heat for keeping gatherings on patios or backyards very warm.

A lot of propane or wood burning fire pits have a wrought iron, steel or copper bottom that gives off heat that is able to burn anything that is below them which is heat sensitive.

Even though concrete is not a flammable material, your concrete patio will burn if exposed to very high temperatures of heat. Whether you have a portable or permanent fire pit, they have the ability to burn your concrete patio causing it to expand and crack.

Besides ruining your concrete, a fire pit can burn down your wooden deck, lawn grass, and any asphalt surfaces below it. It is suggested that you avoid using it on any of those areas if you have not placed any of the proper mechanisms that protect whatever is beneath it from such high temperatures of heat.

When you go to build a brick and rock fire pit, you need to make sure that there is nothing that can catch on fire. When you have a fire pit and light it, embers, sparks, and hot ash can also create a fire when they leave the fire pit and land on any flammable services.

Even though fire pits are great, whenever you light a fire, it comes with great risk that needs to be taken as seriously as they possibly can. Remember to look over any fire safety hazards, place thermal barriers under your fire pit, and cover the fire pit with a spark screen to help stop sparks and embers from flying away from the pit and causing havoc.

Fire pits are meant to be for good times, not headaches.

How to Protect Your Patio from a Fire Pit

Just because a fire pit can damage your concrete patio, that does not mean you cannot get one. All it means is that you just need to know how to protect your patio and what the necessary precautions are when it comes to doing that.

Below are a few things you can do that will help keep your patio from being ruined by the nice new fire pit you have either just made or bought.

Heat Proof Mats and Pads

The first thing you can do is go out and purchase a heat retardant mat or base pad and place it in between your patio and your fire pit. This will greatly stop heat from damaging your patio whether it is made out of concrete or wood.

These types of mats or pads are made specifically to resist fire and heat. The mats or pads are typically rather easy to set up and easy to move, thus making it easy for you to place them anywhere you want to place your fire pit. Fireproof pads are also helpful when it comes to collecting the ash or other debris that naturally comes from a fire.

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This will make it so much easier when it comes to cleaning your patio after using your fire pit.

If you have an above ground fire pit, their mobility and ability to protect your patio from being damaged by heat is one of their biggest advantages. If you have a permanent fire pit in your patio, they are usually made professionally using fireproof things like fire bricks.

On the outside of the pits, they are usually made with heat resistant bricks to help control the heat that the fire pit is giving off.     

Using Fire Pit Screens Helps Too

There is nothing that is more important when it comes to containing fire sparks than a fire pit screen. A fire pit screen will help stop fire sparks, embers, or ash from burning you, your family, friends, pets, or your patio from getting burned.

The dangerous thing about fire pit sparks is that they can start a fire if they land on any surface that is flammable like fabrics, dry leaves, grass, and many more. Using a fire pit screen is the first thing you can do to make your outside fire pit experience more enjoyable.

They are also usually mandatory to use by law when it comes to a lot of local governments to help prevent any fires from being started.

The good thing about fire pit screens is that they come in various different shapes and sizes. This means no matter how big your fire pit is, you should be able to find a screen that fits well and covers it.

Most of these screens have openings where you are still able to stoke the fire and keep it going without having to worry about letting the ash or ember land on your patio causing damage, or worse, a fire.

So while an open flame may look better for a photo, you should be wise and have a screener on at all times for the safety of you and your patio.

Stay Focused

The biggest thing you can do to help prevent damage to your concrete patio or anything else is to never let your eyes off the fire. Too many fires have been started by carelessness.

People either forget what they put near the fire or they think it is a wise idea to let the fire go throughout the night. All you are doing is asking for not only your patio to get ruined, but your house as well.

Final Thoughts

In the end, fire pits are a great way to bring people together and have a fun time. While they may seem simple, they can do great damage to your concrete patio if the proper steps of precaution are not taken.

Do not take any shortcuts when it comes to taking care of your patio because it is a lot cheaper to buy the needed fire pit precautions than it is to replace some of the concrete in your patio.

If you have a fire pit on your concrete patio, enjoy it, take all the safety measures seriously, and have a good time.

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