Do You Need A Fire Ring For A Fire Pit?

One of the growing projects for many households is the idea of a fire pit. Sure you can buy one yourself, but there is a certain thrill and satisfaction from making your own.

But if you’ve been thinking about that, I’m sure you have many questions around fire pits.

One that is on your mind is probably whether you need a fire ring for a fire pit? Well, in short, that really depends.

If your fire pit is a permanent one, having one is recommended. For a portable or temporary one, it might not be needed.

For more details on this and more, do read on. You can also check out some of our other helpful posts, like how to start fires in fire pits and safety rules for firepits.

Fire pit in a fire bowl burning in a field

The Purpose Of A Fire Ring

To first understand whether you need a fire ring or not, it helps to know what a fire ring does in the first place.

The whole purpose of it is to assist in maintaining the structural integrity of your fire pit as well as the surface that it sits on. It also offers protection for long-term appearance too.

This can help especially if you’re fire pit has a lot of air holes.

With this in mind, it makes sense why it’s ideal for fire pits you want to keep permanently – or at least for a very long time.

The more pleasing a fire pit looks, the more chances are that people will enjoy being around and admire the overall look.

This is not as necessary in the event that you’re only building a fire pit temporarily or aren’t someone who invites a lot of people to your house on a regular.

Another angle to look at this is by looking at chimneys. In them, you’ll find metal or ceramic linings in them.

This lining is to ensure that the high heat and cooling conditions ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate the chimney.

Because fire pits are still dealing with intense heat, a fire ring will keep everything held together for longer.

With this in mind, it’ll protect direct heat from breaking down mortar or adhesives that you’ve used to hold everything together as well.

To keep fires safe on decks, fire pit rings can help when using your firepit on a wood deck or other similar surface that isn’t the ground.

Overall, fire rings are safety measures to ensure that people are safe around these fire pits. On top of that, these rings will also save you many struggles of repairing or replacing your fire pit.

To improve the overall safety and durability of your firepit, you may want to consider which type of base is best for your fire pit.

What Are The Best Rings To Get?

It’s no surprise here but all rings in the market aren’t created equal. You’ll find a lot of them are cheap and/or overpriced. The most sensible option out there is to look for a fire pit insert that is contrary to that.

You want something affordable and can provide adequate heat protection to the structure.

All you need to do is keep an eye on two key specifications before buying anything:

  • The gauge of the stell. No matter what people say, a quality fire pit ring will have a gauge range of 10. Gauge is fire pit lingo for steel thickness. The only thing to remember is the lower the number is, the thicker the steel actually is. Some inserts you’ll find in the 9 or 8 gauge range which are good too if the price is right. At the same time, some will have a gauge range of 20 which you want to avoid.
  • The number of pieces it’s in. Assembling a ring isn’t that complicated, however that can cause issues if its all in pieces. Naturally, getting a one piece option is the best. However, you may have to settle with two. The thing is, most options in the market offer a range between two and four pieces. Because they’re in pieces, you’ll need to bolt them together in order to make it. It’s here where this causes problems since pre-drilled holes might not line up well or you may run into fitting issues.

While these aren’t the only determining factors, the thing is there are so many fire ring inserts out there you can get.

The problem is a lot of them are cheap and poorly made.

Keeping those two qualifications in mind can ensure that you walk away with a decent fire pit ring that can last you for a long time and make your firepit safer.

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Can Fire Pit Rings Rust?

Another thing to keep in mind is rust. Since these rings are metal, they will naturally rust over time.

Every fire ring you get on the market will have a protective coating on it, however since the ring will be against some intense heat, that coating will melt off.

Eventually, there’ll be exposed metal which can rust as a result.

How quick that happens and the level of trust depends on various elements like the general humidity of the area.

To preserve the fire pit ring, I’d suggest inspecting it from time with some light sanding and repainting with high heat paint.

Get A Fire Pit Ring

Whether the fire pit is a temporary pit or a permanent, I think it’s smart to invest in a fire pit ring. I consider them extra barriers for safety and they’re also not very costly.

Even when you get to better grade fire rings, the price difference isn’t big.

Overall, take your time looking for a fire pit ring, you don’t want to end up with a cheap one that isn’t worth much to you.

Final Notes

While fire pit rings are always necessary, or even available, it’s always a good idea to have one when you can.

Not only do firepit rings help make fires be safer, but they also help maintain your fire pit so you don’t have to worry about building one every time you want to have a fire.

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