How to Build Your Own Log Splitter

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Are you sick and tired of splitting your wood by hand? Is the good old ax giving your hands blisters and making your back sore? It might be time to consider a log splitter to take some of the pressure off. Log splitters can be expensive, and not everyone will be able to afford one. … Read More

What Type of a Simple Machine is a Log Splitter?

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Log splitters are used to cut the wood into smaller pieces. The wood can then be used for making paper, firewood, small planks, and several other useful items. They’re considered simple machines, which means they don’t have several moving parts. So, what type of a simple machine is a log splitter? Log splitters are wedges. … Read More

Are Log Splitters Dangerous?

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A log splitter is a commonly used machine, but it does require a certain level of knowledge to ensure it is used correctly and safely. Once considered a luxury item when it comes to outdoor work, the log splitter has many benefits and is becoming a staple for people who regularly need firewood. So, are … Read More