Log Splitter Ram Won’t Return? Here’s Why.

Close up of log splitter ram at end of split cycle

Does your log splitter’s ram not return? There are a few potential causes to investigate. The piston might be blocked or bent. Removing the blockage or straightening out the ram will solve this. Alternatively, you could be having pressure problems with the pump. In this case, you’ll need to check the hoses and the amount … Read More

How Much Does a Log Splitter Weigh?

Stuart posing with a log splitter to find out how much it weighs

Wondering how much a log splitter actually weighs? This will often depend on the quality of the machine and the amount of power it offers. You can get a flimsy one weighing around 150 pounds. But if you want a high-quality model, with solid, metal parts they will be heavier. You can expect them to … Read More

What Size Hydraulic Cylinder for Log Splitter

Closeup of Hydraulic Cylinder on a log splitter cutting wood

What’s the best size cylinder for your log splitter? The size of the hydraulic cylinder will depend on how much force you need. The larger the cylinder, the more force you will be accessing. The most common size is a 4-inch 2,500 PSI hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is critical to your log splitter. It … Read More

Make A Hydraulic Log Splitter

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For many of us out there in the world, the long and cold winter months bring the inescapable toil of chopping or chainsawing wood as fuel for heating their homes. A lot of people only deal with needing wood for heat a few times a year. Whether it’s a weekend skiing or a summer camping, … Read More

What Is A Wood Splitter?

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Splitting wood by hand is an arduous and unnecessary process. And while axes and saws have their place, jobs that require a lot of wood to be split can become overwhelming. Fortunately, tools like wood splitter make this necessary task much simpler. So, what is a wood splitter? Wood splitters are machines used for splitting … Read More

Gas vs. Electric Log Splitters

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Log splitters have quickly overshadowed the exhausting act of using an axe. Rather than breaking a sweat and feeling sore the next day, you can use one of these machines to do the job for you. That being said, you’ll have to choose which type you prefer first. So, when it comes to gas log … Read More

How to Split Logs: Guide

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Log splitters are efficient and easy to use. However, if they’re not handled properly, they can quickly turn into dangerous tools. When using any type of machinery, like a log splitter, safety should always come first. Once safety is ensured, using a log splitter properly and understanding how it works means getting the job done … Read More