Is Jumping On A Trampoline Bad For Your Knees?

Happy kid plays outdoors in garden jumping high in the sky on trampoline. Active teenager boy having fun outdoors at early spring day. Healthy lifestyle concept.

The trampoline provides an excellent way for many people to spend their leisure time. Additionally, it offers an opportunity for collective enjoyment with your family and friends. However, more recently, many people have raised concerns about the safety of the trampoline. Specifically, the situation surrounds the possible damage to the physical health of the jumper. … Read More

Can Any Trampoline Be Sunk Into the Ground?

Trampoline in a back yard garden

Enjoying your time jumping on a trampoline is a favourite pastime for many people. Any child who has grown up with a trampoline in their backyard will have some great memories from it. Some people prefer a small, personal trampoline, while others may prefer jumping in a trampoline park alongside other people. Similarly, one question … Read More

How Big Of A Trampoline Do I Need?

Low impact exercise equipment you can bounce on used to increase lymph flow, tone muscles, and more.

Getting the right equipment increases the level of enjoyment that can be derived from any activity. The case of a trampoline is no different. Getting the perfect size trampoline can increase the pleasure you derive from your jumping. It also makes the activity safer and protects your body from physical damage. However, many people find … Read More

Can You Break Your Neck On A Trampoline?

Kids trampoline in small green backyard

Jumping on a trampoline is a great pastime and leisure hobby for many people. However, they remain concerned about the possible injuries this jumping may cause. For example, there can be concerns regarding the effect of trampoline jumping on your knees and legs. However, a significant area of concern for people is their neck. Can … Read More