How to Get Grass Clippings Out of Mulch [6 TIPS]

grass clippings being used as mulch

Wondering how to keep grass clippings out of mulch? Grass and other weeds may grow within mulch if it is untreated, however, there are many treatments available that may permanently prevent grass from growing in them. This includes physical solutions which revolve around creating effective barriers and chemical solutions which involve the use of different … Read More

Get Rid of Flies In Yard [For Your Dogs Sake!]

Close up of dead flies laying upside down

Flies are detritivores, meaning that they feed upon the decomposing matter. Therefore, to keep your outside area free from flies, the most effective way is to limit the amount of decomposing matter in your garden including animal feces. There are also many varieties of fly repellents and traps that can be applied; however, one must … Read More

Will Bleach Kill Bushes (+ 5 “How To” Tips)

bottle of bleach with white background

Bleach will kill all manner of small plants, including bushes. However, most horticulturalists and gardeners will recommend against its use for many reasons, most of which centered around the danger it poses to the environment and to people. Nothing seems to spruce up a nice garden or a dull street quite like a few lovely … Read More

Keeping Neighbor’s Ivy Out of My Yard (4 Tips)

Neighbor’s Ivy spilling over white fence into other yard

There are 4 ways that you can stop ivy from your neighbor’s yard from coming into your yard. These different approaches include: Remove the plant entirely/cut the stem Using herbicide/trimming the ivy Use vinegar Use boiling water We all take pride in how our yard looks. The problem is that sometimes things are out of … Read More

Pool Water & Grass, Can They Mix?

Large pool in backyard with pool water next to the grass

So you’ve got your pool set up in your back yard and it’s time for the summer fun to begin. Friends and family all can rejoice now that you’ve opened your pool for the season and the parties begin in full. If you’re sticking with the trends of an in-ground pool or you own an … Read More

10 Garden Maintenance Tips | Easy and Helpful

garden maintenance tools

Taking good care of your garden is not always an easy thing to do. That’s because you need to pay attention to numerous factors to ensure that your garden remains healthy. When I first became a homeowner, after years of renting, the idea of gardening and maintaining my garden and yard was a little overwhelming. … Read More