Keep Quail Out of Your Garden: Best Tips for Long-Term Prevention

To keep Quail out of your garden, you must identify what attracts them and eliminate their access to it.

Here are some practical ways to keep birds away from your garden.

Firstly, you could install a statue that resembles a predator to scare them off.

Secondly, you could cover your garden with netting to prevent birds from accessing it.

Thirdly, you could create a barrier, such as a fence or hedge, to keep birds away from your garden.

Fourthly, you could place shiny objects around your garden to deter birds.

Additionally, you can use traps to capture birds or make your natural bird repellent to discourage them from coming to your garden.

While Quail are known for being quiet birds, they can also cause damage to your garden while foraging for food.

Birds are integral to our ecosystem but can damage gardens.

Are you tired of having to fight off birds from your garden constantly? If so, we will help you discover more steps to take in prevention from the beginning.

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Close up of Quail at bottom of tree in as an example to keep Quail out of your garden.

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Remove Food Supply to Keep Quail Out of Your Garden

When deterring Quail from your garden, think about what could be attracting them to your garden.

Sometimes, these beautiful flying creatures forage for food in the soil or on plants.

Quail seeks plants that provide cover. Quail are low to the ground, don’t fly, and are susceptible to many predators.

Review the plants in your garden and see if they provide the protection that a Qual needs to survive.

Cover your garden area to deter Quail from accessing it, forcing them to relocate.

Use a Bird of Prey Statue

Using a statue of a bird of prey is another way to scare off all birds, including Quail. These statues are created to resemble live preying birds to deter or frighten birds of all types.

There is a statue that resembles a screeching owl.

This statue is designed to look like a flying predator and contains a microchip that produces a sound similar to that of an attacking hawk, making it more realistic.

Additionally, the statue spins and moves, enhancing its lifelike appearance to keep quail out of your garden.

Birds of Prey Statutes

Use Netting for Quail

The best option for keeping birds out of any garden is as simple as using netting to keep them at bay.

There are serious issues to keep in mind when considering the use of bird netting to protect Quail, including the size of the netting and the risk of entanglement.

We are approaching this humanely to deter the Quail without serious injury.

When setting up your netting, try to do so by preventing the material from getting caught on twigs or shrubs.

When creating your DIY framework, use items like bamboo poles, twigs, or even posts or stakes to lift the netting.

Lay your covering over the framework and secure it with bent wiring to prevent wind damage.

Garden Fleece can cover lettuces, chard, and possibly other green varieties. You can secure the fleece with rocks or soil pegs for easy harvest.

Build a Barrier to Keep Quail Out of Your Garden

Another option would be to build barriers by placing chicken wire over your seedbed.

You can also use plastic cups over seedlings and simply cut out the bottoms of the disposable cups.

One way to create barriers is to use hoops of different sizes and attach butterfly netting to each hoop.

This netting protects crops from birds while allowing insects to pollinate, as well as keep quail out of your garden.

Shiny Objects

A useful tip for deterring Quail or any other unwanted bird is to hang up old CDs that will shimmer in the sunlight.

Alternatively, you can also use Mylar balloons and tie a shiny ribbon around them before positioning them throughout your garden.

Objects that can be used include aluminum cans, small mirrors, metallic wrapping paper, aluminum foil, and other reflective, shiny objects.

As the light reflects off these objects, birds are discouraged from returning.

These items should be placed in locations where birds tend to land or nest. It’s important to periodically move the items to maintain their effectiveness to keep quail out of your garden.

Birds can overcome their fear of objects through gradual exposure, but moving the objects periodically is necessary for lasting results.


If you want to remove Quail from your garden humanely, you can try trapping them using a special trap. Quail are very fast runners and can fly short distances.

This bird species can be difficult to trap. Cornering them slowly is the only effective way to capture them.

The most humane traps to use are net and cage traps. You can also try a PVC pipe trap.

Quail typically are in flocks. You will want to look around for the flock before laying your trap.

For a DIY trap, construct a simple box with a hinged, enclosed top door.

Make a hole toward the bottom of the trap. Quail will walk right into the hole if a trench is leading to it and lay seeds for them to pick up.

Once trapped, transfer the Quail safely into a storage box for transporting away from your garden.

Making a Cardboard Trap

  • Use measurements of 50cm x 27cm x 35 cm in height.
  • Put a door flap at the very end at the top.
  • To divide it into two parts, draw a line with a pencil about midway at the top.
  • Cut along the dividing line and the side with a knife. This should create a swing door.
  • Punch two holes – one on the far end of the door and another directly at the top, about 16 cm from the edge.
  • Take an elastic band, tie a wooden piece in place, and run the elastic band through the holes.
  • This should pull the door backward. Ultimately, it should shut the door once it is triggered.
  • Making the trigger is not too complicated. You need a rectangular-shaped piece of cardboard.
  • This needs to be at least the same width as the door and somewhat narrower in height.
  • Pull back the door opening to about 80 to 90 degrees. Lay the cardboard right above the hinge where you created your pivot line.
  • Lastly, pour some seeds or bread crumbs on the cardboard and over the top.

When the bird places weight on it or moves across it, that should trigger the door to shut and trap the Quail.

Eliminate Birds from Your Garden Without Injuring Them: Bird Repellent Scare

Natural Bird Repellent

Using a natural bird repellent has also been known to keep Quail out of your garden.

There are many options of bird repellent spray that you can make at home. One of the best-known is a spray mixture of vinegar, chili peppers, and water.

You crush dried chili peppers (green or red) with vinegar and water.

Then, heat this mixture in a crockpot for several hours. This will infuse the mixture. You can also place it in a glass container in the sun.

After the mixture has been infused, pour it into a spray bottle and mist all areas where the Quail is causing issues.


You can keep Quail out of your garden safely and humanely.

Observe what attracts Quail and eliminate access. Use netting, barriers, shiny objects, repellent, or traps.

These methods have all proven to be successful in eliminating the problem. You CAN achieve a Quail-free garden that won’t harm the Quail.

Enjoy living the outdoor life!