How Long Is Moose Meat Good in the Freezer? [ANSWERED]

Wondering how long moose meat stays good for in the freezer? It is preferable to eat moose meat as soon as you can, but it is thought that moose meat will remain good to eat for just a little less time than beef will in the freezer. This is because of moose have less fat than beef, and fat protects the meat from freezer burn.

Moose meat is a very rare kind of meat that is only available in certain parts of the world, such as Russia, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Alaska. But what if you’re not in those parts of the world and the only moose meat you can find is frozen and imported? How long can you keep frozen moose meat and still eat it?

The factors which affect whether moose meat is still good to eat mean that it is difficult to give a quantifiable length of time that moose meat would be good to eat after being in the freezer. We will discuss the main factors below, but first, let’s cover ‘freezer burn’ and what exactly it means.

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Freezer Burn for Moose Meat

‘Freezer burn’ is a phrase that we have used a few times in this article, but what exactly does it mean? In short, what we call ‘Freezer burn’ are in fact patches of dehydration in food.

Its most common causes are:

  • Food being in the freezer for too long
  • The temperature fluctuating
  • Exposure to the air
  • Some combination of all of these factors.

Freezer burn is unlikely to make you sick if you eat food affected by it, but it generally tastes dry and much worse than food which isn’t freezer burned. Freezer burn often makes food look like it is ‘cooked’ already – making red meat look brown or grey, and raw chicken look white.

Aside from changing its look, freezer burn can also be detected by smell. Freezer burn often smells like plastic and like ‘Freezer odor’. If the meat doesn’t smell like meat when thawed, then it’s best not to eat it.

It typically affects the corners and edges of the food first, and if there are only little patches on the meat, then it can still be trimmed and cooked. However, if freezer burn covers the majority of the meat, then it is best thrown away – or perhaps given to a very lucky dog.  

How To Tell When Moose Meat Isn’t Good To Eat Anymore

The factors which affect when moose meat isn’t good to eat anymore generally fall down to three things:

  • The quality of your freezer
  • The level of fat on your piece of moose meat
  • Whether the moose meat is wrapped

All of these things will affect the length your moose meat will be okay to eat, as a lot of these factors will affect the level of dehydration of your food.

As mentioned before, the level of fat on the individual piece of moose meat will affect the amount of time it can be kept in the freezer, as fat will act as a defence against the freezer and increase its lifespan.

The quality of your freezer will also affect how long you can keep your moose meat as well, obviously, a better freezer will keep meat for longer without freezer burning it.

Finally, the best practice for moose meat in the freezer is to wrap it in freezer paper – this will perform the same as the fat, and act as a barrier between the meat and the freezer to prevent freezer burn.

The conclusion is that the best practice is to wrap moose meat in freezer paper and store it for a maximum of one year, but if you can see or smell freezer burn, then it’s best to throw the meat away.

How Long Is Moose Meat Good in the Fridge?

So, now you have a basic idea of how to keep moose meat in the freezer, but how long can it be kept in the fridge?

Moose meat kept in the fridge is intended to be eaten immediately. Be sure to wrap the meat in a plastic which will act as a moisture barrier, or put it into a plastic bag (like a ziplock bag) and it should last around two or three days.

How Long Is Cooked Moose Meat Good For?

 As before, whether raw or cooked, moose meat is good for around for one year in the freezer, but once cooked, it will also last a ridiculously long time.

For example, if the moose meat is cooked by the pressure cooker canning method (provided the seal is intact and if the canning method used was not the boiling method), then it can last several years and still be good to eat. Once opened, however, this life span reduces to around two or three days, like raw moose meat.

Canned moose will be most likely to last the longest when stored in a cold room, and out of exposure to high heat or sunlight. It is not recommended that you store canned moose in the fridge unless you have already opened it.

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In conclusion, moose meat is best stored in the freezer only for a single year, wrapped in freezer paper to avoid freezer burn – which is when food becomes dehydrated in storage destroys the texture and flavor.

The quality of your freezer, the amount of fat on the individual piece of moose meat and what you wrap the meat in (if you wrap it at all), will affect how long you can store your moose meat without it getting freezer burned. If you want to store your moose meat in the fridge, then it will last approximately two or three days if it is raw, or if it is a canned moose you have broken the seal of.

Canned moose with the seal intact will last the longest, it’s life span being over two or three years.