How Much Does a Moose Cost? [5 Thing to Consider]

Wondering how much a moose costs? It is difficult to calculate how much a moose would cost because they are not often sold as pets. However, it is estimated that theoretically, the cost of the animal alone would be between $1000 and $5000, not taking into account habitat, food, and veterinary care.

Despite being about 1400 pounds and not even close to being domesticated, some people have thought about how much a moose would cost to buy and keep.

The cost of owning a moose is very monetarily expensive, but that’s not the only expense which owning a moose might be. The costs are much worse than that, which we will discuss below.

moose behind wooden fence sticking head through hole

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How Much Does a Moose Cost? (Theoretically)

So, owning a moose as a pet would be a bad idea, even if the laws of your country allowed it, which is not guaranteed. There are many reasons why it would be a bad idea, which we will go through one by one.

#1 It Is Illegal To Own A Moose As A Pet

Let’s start with the most obvious; in most states in the US, it is illegal to keep a moose as a pet. These laws are in place because moose are not domesticated animals, but in fact, very wild indeed. These laws protect people from moose, but it also prevents bad potential owners from mistreating them.

#2 They Are Dangerous

They may be vegetarians, but as mentioned, they are gigantic, and their strength matches their huge size. A single kick from them can be fatal and rumors have it that a moose managed to kill a brown bear by kicking it. If a bear can be killed by a moose’s kick, then a human being doesn’t have a prayer.

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#3 They Are Huge

The size of the moose is one of the most noticeable traits about them – as mentioned before, they reach up to 1400 pounds, and their strength is as large as they are. They can reach up to 10 feet tall as well, so they are true titans of the cow family.

#4 Moose Have Huge Appetites

Again, moose are 1400 pounds, and that much bodyweight needs a lot of food to build that kind of body weight up. Moose can eat some 50 pounds of foliage daily, and if you can’t afford to buy that much food, then you should give up on the idea of having a moose as a pet.

Having a moose as a pet is dangerous and unreasonable in many, many ways. However, one can adopt a moose for a much cheaper price.

#5 They Are Not Domesticated

Just because a moose is in a similar family to cows doesn’t mean that they will docilely stand in a field and munch grass – in reality, they need up to 50 square miles of miles to roam and this environment would need grass, some trees, and water for them to thrive. 

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The Cost of Adopting A Moose

Adopting a moose is the motion of giving money to a charity for them to take care of orphaned moose. By paying a certain price, you can adopt moose and come to see them in the fields they are being taken care of in. The price you can pay to do this ranges between $30 and $1000.

But there are other facets of moose which have different costs involved with them, including hunting trips and moose cheese, which we will continue to go over.

The Cost of Moose Hunting

The cost of moose hunting changes depending on where you want to hunt the moose and whether you want to go on a guided hunt or a non-guided hunt. In a guided hunt, you will be led around by an experienced guide. A non-guided hunt is when you are let loose by yourself on the hunt.

For instance:

So you see it truly depends on the area you would like to hunt and whether you want a guided or an unguided hunt.

The cheapest moose hunt is in Eastern Europe, the European part of Russia, and the Baltic countries. When a Canadian hunt can be up to $5000, these countries, when the currency is converted, is around $1000 or $1500.

The Cost of Moose Dairy

Another very strange cost involved with moose is moose dairy – that is to say, moose milk and moose cheese. Also known as elk milk, it is produced commercially in Canada, Russia, and Sweden.

It is very high in butterfat, at 10%, and solids at 21.5%, and they lactate between June and August, provided that the moose gets enough nutrients. The milk is typically at its least fatty at the start and the fat concentration increases over the first twenty-five days of lactation. It is during these first twenty-five days that the milk is considered at its best.

After that, its nutritional content begins to drop. Compared to cow milk, it is much more nutritionally rich, containing more minerals including:

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Aluminium
  • Iron.

Because it is so thick, it is very hard to milk and even harder to make into cheese, meaning that moose cheese is not only the most expensive cheese in the world but one of the most expensive ingredients in the world.

Moose yield only 300 kilograms of this cheese per year, which is just one reason that makes it so expensive. It generally sells for about $1000 per kilogram (which is approximately $455 per pound).

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Moose are gigantic beasts and they make for terrible pets due to their sheer size and danger, and the costs would be huge, combining the cost of the animal, habitat, food, and veterinary care. However, you can adopt a moose for much cheaper and safer, and that does well to protect orphaned moose.