Pyramid Heater vs. Patio Heater [PROS & CONS]

pyramid patio heater

The good aspects of both pyramid heaters and patio heaters can be easily compared, and a decision made from there. You should also take time to know the downside of each heater, so read on to find out. In this way, you will be able to make an accurate comparison between the two.

Pellet Patio Heater Vs Propane [WHICH IS BETTER?]

pellet patio heater being loaded

Generally, a pellet patio heater or propane heater are hard to compare due to their very stark differences in the fuel source used. If you keep reading on, there are a couple of factors that make the two stand apart from one another and could help you decide on which one would be the better selection for your patio.

3 Tips For Tipping Patio Heaters

Determining how many patio heaters are need by looking at multiple patio heaters lined up

Patio heaters are a great way to keep your backyard cozy well into the wee hours of the morning, but the top-heavy design can sometimes make them a tipping hazard, especially if they aren’t properly secured. If your patio heater tips over, not only can it damage the unit and/or your patio, but it can … Read More

Do Covered Patios Actually Add Value?

Large back yard with grass and covered patio with firepit.

When you are looking to make investments in your home, you want to consider what type of return that you will get if and when you choose to sell before you add any permanent features. After all, not all home improvement projects are created equal. Covered patios are a great way to upgrade the look … Read More

Don’t Use Patio Heaters In Garages

Close up of an indoor patio heater in a garage

As the colder months roll around, there is still so much work left to do in the garage. Repairs and projects don’t simply dry up because it’s cold out, but this leaves you struggling for warmth out in your workspace. Many have turned their sights to their outdoor patio heaters as a strong source of … Read More

10 Patio Heater Problems & Fixes

Man in uniform bent over fixing patio heater problems with tools

There’s nothing like sitting on your patio or deck on a warm summer evening with family or friends. It’s nice, relaxing, and almost the perfect temperature to go without having to bundle up! Almost…as the seasons change, we can’t help but want to be outside! The cool temperatures, in the “shoulder weeks” before and after … Read More