Using Electric Patio Heaters Indoors: Best Insight

The electric heater in the room. heating the apartment in cold weather. Halogen or Infrared heater isolated on a white background.

You can use some electric patio heaters indoors, with some even made to be indoor/outdoor. But there are still some precautions for ensuring safety. Electric patio heaters are a safer alternative to gas patio heaters, which is why many homeowners prefer them. Electric patio heaters can be mounted in various positions, giving many options to … Read More

7 Common Patio Heater Problems and How to Best Fix Them

Man in uniform bent over fixing patio heater problems with tools

Simple fixes exist for common patio heater problems like no pilot light, frayed wiring, insect infestation, and low heat. Repairing your patio heater is easy with a simple troubleshooting process and a little mechanical know-how. On a warm summer evening, there’s nothing quite like relaxing with loved ones on your patio or deck without bundling … Read More