Do I Need an Outdoor Fridge? [IT DEPENDS]

Outdoor fridges are specifically built and designed to withstand hot and cold weather climates and to provide a compact space to store cold food and drink items outdoors. There are a variety of outdoor fridges to choose from to suit any need and occasion that add convenience to any party or gathering in your outdoor space.

If you ever had to leave your backyard party to restock food and drinks from indoors and feared that you may miss out on the fun that might happen while you are away then this post is dedicated to you!

It should be easy to recount a time when you had made yet another inconvenient trip indoors to grab drinks or cold snacks during an outdoor party and suddenly a thought passed through your mind that you might want to get a fridge to keep outdoors, but do you actually need an outdoor fridge?

outdoor fridge with vegetables in it

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What Makes An Outdoor Fridge Different From An Indoor Fridge?

There are several differences between indoor and outdoor fridges that are important to know when deciding if you need an outdoor fridge. Generally, an indoor fridge is designed differently from an outdoor fridge because it only needs to survive the rarely fluctuating temperatures indoors.

There are also key differences in how an outdoor fridge is designed to help protect the contents from fluctuating hot or cold weather. The table below compares the features between an indoor fridge and an outdoor fridge.

What Is The Difference?Indoor FridgeOutdoor Fridge
Internal Temperature Control
Insulation From Unstable or Fluctuating Temperature 
Ice Maker / Water Dispenser 
Adjustable Shelves / Racks
Withstand Some Rain / Wind / Sun / Snow 

There are clear similarities between an indoor fridge and an outdoor fridge, but where they are different is where the value of having an outdoor fridge is revealed.

The durability of an outdoor fridge provides peace of mind that lets you know if you are storing chilled drinks or chilled food that it will all stay chilled no matter the temperature outside.

Keep an eye on the climate rating of your outdoor fridge as certain ratings have been proven to keep drinks and food at a stable temperature even as temperatures hit a high of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are other considerations when comparing an outdoor fridge to an indoor fridge not listed in the table. There is deciding on what will be stored in the outdoor fridge and if there are appropriately sized outdoor fridges available for purchase, will it be for parties where guests are helping themselves to its contents or for casual/occasional use and most importantly checking to see if you can use the outdoor fridge inside if needed.

Can You Use An Outdoor Fridge Inside

An outdoor fridge can be used indoors and still function as a normal refrigerator. Unlike an indoor fridge being designed for indoor use only, the outdoor fridge has a foundational design of a normal indoor fridge but is built to be able to withstand varying degrees of hot and cold temperatures.

Before bringing your outdoor fridge to use indoors, there are a few safety and preparation steps that should be considered to make sure that bringing your outdoor fridge inside to use is done appropriately.

As a general rule, check that your outdoor fridge is suitable to be brought inside before doing so. This can include

  • Checking that the attached electrical cables are suited to indoor sockets
  • There is a space available that fits the size of the outdoor fridge once indoors
  • Take care to not damage your indoor area and check that any foot attachments on your outdoor fridge are not going to scratch or scuff surfaces
  • Measure all door frames to be sure the outdoor fridge can pass through them safely

The use of an outdoor fridge indoors can add more storage space for drinks and small perishable items while also being a convenient way to stash your favorite goodies away from your daily use items.

Another consideration for bringing your outdoor fridge inside is to protect it during the winter months. Having your outdoor fridge indoors can help to prolong its life by shielding it from the more extreme winter weather that your local area may experience.

What Do I Do with My Outdoor Fridge In The Winter?

As a general rule, an outdoor fridge and its contents should be protected from extreme winter elements like snow, frost, and moderate to heavy rain. There are a few steps that can be taken to protect your outdoor fridge if you do not use it during the winter months.

  • Empty all contents and move them to another fridge for future use
  • Unplug the outdoor fridge and check that all power leading to it is off
  • Clean the inside of the fridge thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew
  • Dispose of any ice or open water on a lawn or down the drain
  • Leave the outdoor fridge open after cleaning to allow it to fully dry
  • Place an opened box of baking soda in the fridge before closing it to prevent unwanted odors
  • Place a covering over the outdoor fridge unit to help prevent against rust

Where possible, your outdoor fridge should be cleaned and stored in a manner that would prevent rust, damage from weather elements and any internal damage from unwanted bacteria.

What Is The Best Outdoor Fridge?

A quick search of the internet will reveal that purchasing an outdoor fridge can vary in cost from $250 to $1,000+ and up depending on accessories and any special functionality that may come with the unit.

There are a variety of brands, styles and features to choose from that it can be easy to find yourself in a rabbit hole of search tabs open on your screen with each outdoor fridge saying buy me!

As a whole, outdoor fridges are similar in what they can offer and only vary when it comes to size and added features. By now, you are probably wondering what the current best outdoor fridge on the market is.

The ICEJUNGLE 24” Outdoor Fridge stands out as a clear front runner of being a 2022 summer must-have. Listed below are a few key features of this noteworthy outdoor fridge.

  • Stylish & Compact at only 5.3 CU.FT
  • Less than 39db of noise while running
  • Designed for Outdoor use
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Stainless Steel handles and body
  • Powerful air compressor with an internal air-cooled system
  • Adjustable and removable shelves

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There are many top of the line outdoor fridges on the market to choose from with various options and accessories built-in to push the limits of what an outdoor fridge can do.

As summer fast approaches and the migration of social gatherings moves from indoors to outdoors starts, finding the right outdoor fridge is crucial to ensuring that there are no pauses in your summer fun.

An Outdoor Fridge Keeps the Goodtimes Rolling

As a whole, having an outdoor fridge can bring convenience to your outdoor social life and keep refreshments chilled and ready to enjoy without the hassle of multiple trips indoors.