Can You Use Wet and Forget In A Pressure Washer?

Wondering if you can use wet and forget in a pressure washer? It is possible to use a pressure washer to apply Wet and Forget. Though the company recommends other application methods if you want the best results. However, you may find that using the washer by itself produces a better finish.

You have bought yourself some Wet and Forget to deal with the mildew problem on your patio. Also, there is a moss issue on your driveway that needs some attention, too. You have a pressure washer that can make applying the Wet and Forget a quicker process. But can you use such an item for the job?

Wet and Forget offer a range of products. Here we will run you through a list of what’s available. Also, you will be shown how a pressure washer can be used to apply the product. If you’re curious about how to use Wet and Forget in your pressure washer, read on.

Pressure Washer on front lawn

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What is Wet and Forget?

Wet and Forget is a popular outdoor cleaning product. It is renowned for its ease of use and comes in both concentrated forms and ready-to-use options. The company also offers several products for indoor cleanings, such as your shower.

You simply spray Wet & Forget onto the surface you want to be cleaned. Then the rain will take care of the process.  

Wet & Forget Extreme Reach Hose End

This allows you to clean an area quickly and with no fuss. The spray can reach up to 30 feet. One bottle can cover an area as large as 2,000 square feet. It can be attached to your hose.

Wet & Forget Concentrate

One gallon of this can make six gallons of sprayable Wet & Forget. It’s ideal for removing moss, mildew, mold, and algae. Most surfaces won’t need another application of this for at least a year.

Wet & Forget Ready to Use

The same as the concentrate. However, this is pre-mixed and comes with a sprayer. It can cover an area of up to 180 square feet.

Miss Muffet’s Revenge

This is a Wet & Forget formula designed to keep spiders away. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Like the Ready To Use option, there is a sprayer included.

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How to use Wet and Forget with a pressure washer

As mentioned earlier, Wet and Forget don’t recommend using their products with a pressure washer. The reason for this is pressure washers won’t offer the same result. The company suggests using a hand-pump sprayer or spray bottle.

Yet it is possible to use Wet and Forget with a pressure washer. The company acknowledges this. However, they state that you should only use a washer that can draw from a separate container.

Before you get started, there is an ideal time for when to apply the product: wait for a cool day with little to no wind. This will prevent the solution from being inadvertently blown onto surfaces that you don’t want to be cleaned. Then head out in the morning or early evening to minimize the chance of evaporation.

Wet and Forget advise that the best temperature at which to apply Wet and Forget is 32oF

Plants, trees, and other greenery can be affected by Wet and Forget. So be careful when using it around your garden and lawn.

Follow these steps to use Wet and Forget with your washer.

  1. Prepare the surface you want to clean: You don’t need to scrub down the surface. Just remove any dirt, leaves, and debris.
  2. Pre-mix your solution: For pressure sprayers, you need to mix 1 part of Wet and Forget with 5 parts water.
  3. Spray down the surface: Use a nozzle setting that will allow you to have maximum control against any overspray. Then cover your intended surface with your Wet and Forget solution.
  4. Let nature finish the job: Once you have finished, allow the wind and rain to complete the task.

If you have pets, don’t let them near the treated surface for at least 5 hours. Wash your animals’ paws thoroughly if they have accidentally stepped onto the area. It takes around 5 hours for Wet and Forget to dry. After that period, it’s safe for pets.

You will find that your concrete may turn an orange or red color. This is a typical reaction with Wet and Forget, so it’s nothing to be concerned about. The discoloration will disappear in time.

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Using Wet and Forget vs Power Washing

Wet and Forget may be seen as a way to remove the unsightly growth of moss, mildew, and algae from around your home. However, the downside with the product is that you have to wait several months before you see results.

Also, some reviews about the product are less than encouraging. Usually, the result isn’t as clean as one would be led to believe. Some of the more stubborn growth can remain, which then requires some elbow grease.

With power washing, the story is different. You can pressure spray the mildew and the algae away. The result is instant. You don’t have to wait 3 months (or even longer for some Wet and Forget customers). Plus, there are no harmful chemicals that can damage your plants and lawn. Yet, how long the result of your power cleaning lasts can be something worth thinking about.

Wet and Forget only needs a reapplication once a year. For cleaning using a pressure washer, it could be done several times a year. It all depends on how quickly the mildew and mold grow back after being blasted away.

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For people wanting to remove moss, algae, and other growth from their property, Wet and Forget is one of the most popular products on the market. Usually, it is applied using a sprayer, but there is the possibility of using a pressure washer for this process.

You will need to have premixed the concentrate to a 5:1 ratio. That is 5 parts of water to one part of Wet and Forget. Then use an external container from which your pressure washer extracts the solution.

There is a waiting period of several months before you get to see the results of your labor.