Pressure Washing Safety: What Should I Wear to Be Safe?

Is pressure washing safety equipment necessary? For the basics, you should wear a mask, eye protection, long pants, a shirt, and shoes, especially for beginners.

There are some other safety tips you might want to consider following.

People are often surprised when they discover the potential for injury from pressure washing.

Some people pick up a new pressure washer from a local hardware store or receive one as a present.

Most don’t think about the potential risks regarding pressure washing safety. Pressure washers can cause injury if mishandled or used carelessly.

Consider the amount of water from the pressure washer in a directed spray.

Depending on the pressure washer model’s PSI capacity (Pound Per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons Per Minute), tremendous force can come through the nozzle.

The tip size also plays a vital role in how much water pressure comes out of the nozzle.

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Power washing is still considered one of the best methods to power clean your house, driveway, deck, and more.

If you’re new to power washing or have never really considered its possible dangers, it is essential to know the risks.

You can safely pressure wash just knowing the safety tips that will keep you safe.

This will help ensure you avoid any possible dangers or injuries. 

Out of the safety measures you can adhere to while you engage with pressure washing, wearing a mask and eye protection are top of the list of safety equipment.

Think of wearing a mask while pressure washing, like a helmet while biking. It doesn’t look cool, but you’ll be glad you did when things go a little (or terribly) wrong.

The same holds for wearing eye protection. A simple piece of debris can cause serious injury to your eye.

A mask and eye protection are inexpensive but can enhance pressure washing safety.

A sanitation worker wearing a mask demonstrating pressure washing safety.

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Tips for Power Washing Safety 

You should be familiar with some of the risks to pressure washing safety.

  • Pressure washers emit a high pressure of water directed in a pin-point spot.
  • Rocks or other debris can be propelled from the ground or wall hitting you or someone nearby.
  • High-pressure water can cause skin irritation or cuts when exposed directly.
  • Minor cuts or abrasions can become infected if ignored.
  • Any gas-powered pressure washer will produce carbon monoxide and should be used in a well-ventilated area.

Keeping these risks in mind will help you understand the importance of these pressure washing safety tips.

  • Pointing a pressure washer at anyone, including yourself, can increase the risk of injury and should never be done.
  • Use a gas-powered pressure washer in a well-ventilated area.
  • Electric-powered pressure washers should be plugged into a grounded outlet.
  • Wear appropriate protective equipment. (See Below)
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual on operating, as well as safety precautions.
  • Never allow young children to operate the pressure washer.

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Wearing a Mask While Pressure Washing

Masks are one of the very first things that you need to wear while you spend time with pressure washing. Masks will provide you with the protection needed to breathe different elements.

You will often use a chemical solution to do the cleaning with your pressure washing.

The cleaning solution will get exposed to the air while you are engaged with the cleaning process, making breathing easy.

If you breathe in those chemicals, you may face negative health issues. Most cleaning chemicals are safe in well-ventilated areas. However, some of those chemicals should not be ingested.

The mask you wear will be able to deliver the protection you need from such chemicals.

Mold spores can also be released into the air while pressure washing.

If you are not wearing a proper mask, mole spores can get into your respiratory tract and can cause fungal infections within the lungs.

This is where a mask can offer some serious protection. The mask will trap all the mold spores and prevent them from entering the respiratory tract.

You don’t have to spend much money to purchase a mask. A simple mask will be able to deliver much-needed protection to you, and you will not have to worry about anything. It will help you with your overall protection.

Be sure to read the labels on mask packages, knowing what protection they offer.

Pants and Long-Sleeved Shirts While Pressure Washing

You should be mindful of your outfit while engaged with pressure washing.

This is where you should think about wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt for added protection.

Pants and shirts will help increase your pressure washing safety and protect your skin.

Even if you are pressure washing during the hot summer, you should still consider wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It is better to sweat and be protected than to expose your skin to the risks.

The pressure washing machines emit a strong flow of water.

This intense water pressure can cause airborne particles and elements to strike your exposed skin.

A little pebble may not hurt when thrown, but when shot into the air from the force of a pressure washer, it can cause injury to your skin.

Pants and a long-sleeved shirt also help prevent mold, build-up, and grime from landing on the surface of your skin.

Proper Shoes While Pressure Washing 

Another essential safety gear that you should consider wearing while engaging with pressure washing is proper shoes.

You should double-check and ensure that your shoes are positioned to deliver protection to your toes.

In other words, your toes should remain covered at all times.

Just because it’s a hot summer day doesn’t mean you can pressure wash with sandals or flip-flops.

Closed-toe shoes will consistently deliver much-needed protection to your feet, adding to pressure washing safety.

If you can wear proper shoes or boots, you will also keep your feet dry at all times.

You never want to expose your feet to a chemical solution or become too wet, adding to bacteria growth.

The chemical solution can be robust with its ability to remove layers of debris, so it’s best to avoid getting any on your skin.

This is why investing in purchasing a high-quality pair of work shoes is essential.

You may want to get safety work boots depending on how frequently you use your pressure washer.

The pressure washing machine is quite heavy as well. You can accidentally drop that on your feet.

If you wear appropriate shoes, you can keep your feet and toes away from getting damaged.

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Wearing Protective Eye Protection While Pressure Washing

Last but not least, you should seriously think about wearing eye protection. This is another essential part of pressure washing safety.

The pressure beam given out by the pressure washer will be able to remove layers of debris with intense force.

It’s best not to let that water force come into contact with your eyes or propel a piece of rock or dirt into your eye.

You need to protect your eyesight at all times, and that’s where eye protection will be able to help.

You should purchase glasses designed for safety to withstand pressure from a pressure washing.

Shatter-resistant lenses are a must when shopping for eye protection.

You will have peace of mind with this improvement to pressure washing safety.

Final Thoughts

Now you understand the power of the pressure washer.

That understanding will underscore the importance of pressure washing safety and knowing the risks.

Those risks can be mitigated by adhering to the safety tips mentioned in the article.

Additionally, having the proper safety equipment will reduce the risks of injury.

Most of the equipment can be purchased relatively cheaply but give adequate protection.

It may seem overkill to “suit up” when pressure washing around the home.

Remember the safety risks with pressure washing and how being proactive can keep you safe.

Enjoy living the outdoor life!

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