Pyramid Heater vs. Patio Heater [PROS & CONS]

The entire reason you bought your outdoor heater, or are considering one, is to heat up your little area outside. With that being said, it is only obvious that the good aspects of both of them be your deciding factor.

Your specific demands might require one or the other of the two without even leaving room for debate. If not, you will have to read through the following tables and decide which is best for you.

Pyramid HeaterPatio Heater
They are completely smokelessCome in propane or natural gas variations
Some of them put off exceptional amounts of heatIt can easily be used during the winter
They are sleek, stylish, and modern in designIt can be left outside in all types of weather
They are portable and easy to movePropane styles are very portable
Many styles can be used as a lanternCome in many different sizes to fit all needs
It can be turned off when done with itIt can be turned off when done with it

The good aspects of both pyramid heaters and patio heaters can be easily compared, and a decision made from there. You should also take time to know the downside of each heater, so read on to find out. In this way, you will be able to make an accurate comparison between the two.

pyramid patio heater

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The Bad: Pyramid Heater vs. Patio Heater

With every product that has good benefits, they will most assuredly have some bad to go along with them. You take the good of the product and weigh it against the things it does not score very well in.

From there, you will have to compare the two against each other and then make up your mind. For now, though, let’s just concentrate on looking at the bad aspects of the pyramid heater and the patio heater.

Pyramid HeaterPatio Heater
Most use non-renewable, expensive fuelThey are top-heavy and can fall over easily
They are extremely explosiveThey are not as stylish or visually appealing
They are only used for heatEasily blown out by the wind
They leave a big footprint on the EarthCreates less ambiance
It may not be weatherproofThey are highly explosive

There are not as many negative aspects of them both as there are positive, and only one thing really stands out. That is that they are both combustible and can be explosive. Being combustible does not mean that it will catch on fire every time something goes wrong.

In fact, explosions caused by gas tanks on a heater are not likely to happen unless the flames get out of control. If you take the time to evaluate your heater regularly, you will be able to prevent it.

Putting The Good and The Bad Into One Comparison

You should be able to start to see why each of the types has its own specific benefits. A couple of the positives of owning them are the same, but many are not. You may be able to decide by just looking at the table above. For instance, if you live in Alaska and plan to use an outdoor heater, you would want to go with the Patio Heater. It is designed for all-weather and is suitable for use in the winter.

On the other hand, if you are a stickler for design and staying up with the trends of the world, the only choice you would have is the Pyramid Heater. Of course, you will have to choose exactly what design you want to add to your outdoor décor. That is the easy part, though. You already have a specific style that you like, and matching it will be fun.

It may be hard to understand the tables above since they are arranged by good versus bad. But in the end, that is why you are reading this article. You want to weigh the two products against each other by analyzing all the good and deciding how bad the bad really is. Let’s see if this information can be broken down differently.

  • Type Of Fuel – The patio heater uses a natural gas line coming from the house, or it can be hooked to a propane tank. Pyramid Heaters can use propane, but they are usually designed to work with LPG or butane.
  • Weather Resistance – This is a big one for most people because you want your outdoor heater to be able to withstand Mother Nature. The patio heater is definitely one that can hold up to all weather, including the winter. On the other hand, Pyramid Heaters are not as durable or usable.
  • Portable – Being portable is a handy thing, but it will not be a top-selling point. Maybe for you, it is, though. Either way, they are both portable unless the patio heater is hooked straight up to a gas line coming from the house.
  • Explosive – As with anything that deals with gas, fuel, or fire, they are volatile. If the heaters have any issues, they will catch on fire before they explode, giving you a few seconds to put them out.
  • Stylish – Style and eye appeal are significant things in today’s society. Pyramid heaters come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, and patio heaters come in all shapes and sizes, but they do not have the style to match the pyramid versions.
  • Amount Of Heat – Pyramid heaters are designed for one purpose: to heat the area that it is in. Patio heaters put out some heat, but nothing compared to some of the pyramid ones on the market. If it is the heat you want, there is only one choice.
  • Footprint On The Earth – Today’s world has put the environment into a special place in their hearts. You have all adopted the need to protect it as much as possible. Propane and natural gas patio heaters put off a small footprint, but the pyramid heater puts out substantial pollution. Hands down, it puts off a bigger footprint than the patio styles.

When you put the good and bad together, it is easier to compare the pyramid heater with the patio heater. They both have points that make them better than the other, but it all boils down to your specific needs. You may not want something that puts off tons of heat because you have a small, partially enclosed porch. Whatever your needs are, one style of heater will fill the spot.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that patio heaters and pyramid heaters are both designed to work outdoors. The fuel they give off is toxic and is better left outside while in use. If your patio is enclosed, you will want to ensure that you vent a door or window. The fuel needs oxygen to burn, and if you do not have a steady supply of it, the unit will take it out of the air you are trying to breathe. You can see how this would be a bad thing.

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Final Thoughts

Sitting out on your deck or patio used to be a task that required ten layers of clothing and gloves as thick as your comforter. Now, there are outdoor heaters designed to cut the edge off the cold, allowing you to sit outside year-round. There are two main types of heaters designed to push back the cold, and each of them has good and bad points.

What you need will be unique to you, and what is good for you may not be suitable for your neighbor. You can check out the tables above to see what is good and bad about one type or look through the bullet points to compare them in one place. From there, you will be informed enough to make an educated decision.