Patio Heater Flame Too High [HERE’S WHAT TO DO]

As a general rule, the height of the patio heater flame is too high because it needs to be adjusted by using the knob designed for the task. If that is not possible, you can fix the inner plates that have become loose with age, fixing the problem most of the time.

A common problem that you may run into with your patio heater is that the flame is too high. An excessively high flame becomes a fire hazard that needs to be addressed. But why is your patio heater flame too high? What can make it do this, and is there a way to fix it?

Adjusting the height of the patio heater sounds like an easy task. If it has an adjustment, you can fix the problem by simply turning the knob to reduce the height of the flame. If you have a unit without a knob, you will need to keep reading to find out how to fix the hazard.

patio heater flame close up

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What Makes The Patio Heater Flames Too High?

The flame on the patio heater may become too high for several different reasons. It could be due to faulty or broken parts, or it could be the way that the unit is designed. The fix to the problem will depend on the type of heater you have. Every brand is similar in how they work, but the lower-end ones will not be built as well as those on the higher end of the buying spectrum.

You need to know what type of heater you have before messing with it. If you have not read the unit’s owner’s manual, now would be a great time to do it. It will give you some tips and tricks on how to keep it working effectively, but it may also have a section to help diagnose the problem. Let’s look at the types of patio heaters on the market and what to do if the flame becomes too high to handle.

  • Electric Patio Heaters – Electric styles of heaters should not have any open flames. However, they can still have issues getting too hot. The primary fix to these is turning the knob or using your remote feature to turn the heat down.
  • Natural Gas Patio Heaters – These units will have a flame that comes out of the burners and can quickly become too high. If the fire goes too high, you will need to check the color of the flame and go from there.
  • Propane Patio Heaters- These are the most common to find for outside use. They will also have a flame that can become a problem if the fire is too high.

The simple fix that you are hoping for is a simple adjustment to the knob that controls the flame. If your unit does not have that, you will need to dig into the problem a little deeper. Take the cover off and see if the plates have become loose due to age. If the answer is yes, make some clips to put into place and solve the problem that way. If not, you will need to troubleshoot the heater even more.

What Makes The Flame On The Patio Heater Yellow

The easiest way to tell if your patio heater is working correctly is to evaluate the color of the flame. This obviously does not apply to the electric heater discussed above. The natural gas and propane units will have a flame because they are designed to work by burning the gas to produce heat. The height of the flame could very well be caused by an internal issue that could be an easy fix for you.

  • Blue Flame – This is the color you want the flame to be. This means that the fuel is being burned in an efficient way that is safe and has no obstructions or parts that are not working correctly.
  • Yellow or Red Flame – Even though a flame that is not blue may look good, it means that the gas is not combusting at optimal levels. Basically, you have carbon built up that needs to be fixed.

The color of the flame coming out of the patio heater may be a good indicator of the problem you have, which will be related to the flame being too high. If you watch the video from the link above, you will understand why the flame is not at an acceptable height, and you will know how to fix the problem. If you didn’t, scroll back up and click the link.

Another option that you have is to replace all the patio heater parts with new ones. This is a viable option if you are handy with tools and have the know-how to fix mechanical problems. It will improve the situation and give you a unit that is almost brand new again.

When It Is Time to Replace The Patio Heater

If you cannot complete the repairs yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you. You need to understand, though, that sometimes the cost of repairing a heater can be more than it would cost if you simply bought a new one. The older the unit is, the better it is made, but the harder it will be to get parts. If parts are hard to come by, you can bet the repair will cost you an arm and a leg.

Whichever way you choose to go, you will need to evaluate the heater and the repairs that you must have done. From there you will need to decide if it is better to buy a new one. If it is, you will need to decide between the two below to ensure that you get a good patio heater for the space you will be placing it in.

  • Watts of the Patio Heater – An electric heater will give you the amount of heat it puts out in watts. You will want to match the total amount of watts that the unit gives off and the size of the area that you want to heat.
  • BTUs of the Patio Heater – This is the same as above, except that gas and propane units will have the amount of power rated with BTUs. Once again, match the amounts put off from the heater to the size of the location.

You will want to know how big the patio is before shopping for a new heater. Patio heaters are like everything else that you can purchase. Some of them are made very well, and others will be thrown together without any care. Do your research before you buy a new unit, and make sure that it is what you need for your space.

Final Thoughts

When your patio heater flame is too high, it can become a serious safety hazard. That is not the only reason you want to fix the flame, though. If it is not the correct color or blasting off the plates too drastically, you can be sure that the unit has a problem. It is better to get it fixed when you first notice the issue rather than waiting until it is too late.

Safety should be your first priority for anything that deals with gas or propane. You have all seen videos on social media of fires spreading quickly from a heater that is not working correctly. Fix or replace the unit before it becomes too much of a problem. unless you want to be one of the videos with a million hits (which is not a good idea, even though it sounds great.)