9 Fun Things to Do With A Pressure Washer

Seeing the dirt and grime get blasted away in clean, precise lines is mesmerizing. If only every household chore was that fulfilling.

You bought it with high hopes, but most of the time, it sits in a corner of the garage. Each time you pass by it makes you want to go outside and wash something, but what?

Fortunately, there are many other fun ways to use pressure washers. It’s time to consider this as a multi-purpose tool that you can use all around the house. Keep reading to pick up some new ideas in this list of lesser-known fun things to do with a pressure washer.

young man about to have fun with pressure washer

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Get a Scrubber Attachment to Clean the Driveway

A pressure washer surface cleaner is a disc-shaped attachment made for cleaning floor surfaces. This powerful tool cuts down the time it takes to clean large floors, driveways, and any other walkways

There are different sizes available depending on the size of your pressure washer. Ranging from small for residential use to large attachments for commercial use.

Most of them have the option to add liquid cleaner through a separate line. This makes a perfect combination of soap and water, and the results are squeaky clean.

If you prefer, there are options that leave your surface streak-free, which would be great for a spot-less garage floor.

Vertical scrubber attachment

While most of the scrubbers are made to clean horizontal floors, there are vertical options as well. For a higher price, you can scrub

  • Garage doors
  • Swimming pools
  • Farm equipment
  • Boats
  • Awnings
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Children’s play structures

Cleaning is quicker and less of a pain with a scrubber attachment. You can find attachments at building supply stores or order directly through the maker of your washer.

Be sure to look at the specifications for your pressure washer to choose the best fitting option.

Clean out Gutters and Downspouts

If your gutters need to be cleaned out, and you can safely get to them, your pressure washer will blast the leaves and debris away. Start with the lowest pressure possible and increase if needed. Make sure everyone is out of the way because leaves and gutter gunk will be falling from the roof.

Remove as much as you can from the gutters before using the washer. This will create less of a mess to clean up later.

The downspouts develop grime on the outside. Because it takes time to become dirty, you may not notice just how discolored they have become. The pressure washer could wash away that build-up and brighten up the outside of your house.

Neighbors might think you got new gutters, but all it takes is a quick wash.

Be careful with what you spray as the pressure washer could take the paint off the side of your house.

Give Your Walkway a Makeover

The pathway leading to your house is important for you and your guests. A cluttered or dirty path is unsafe and uninviting. Fortunately, you can clean all types of surfaces with a pressure washer.

  • Stepping stones can gather moss but you can easily remove debris with a pressure washer. You can create a clean edge even if you don’t have an edger. Be careful as dirt becomes mud with water, and this could lead to an even bigger mess.
  • A wood porch or deck will become slippery and unsafe with mildew and other organic matter. There are other treatments like chemicals you could use but your pressure washer will get rid of the problem. In addition, keeping it clear from leaves, twigs, and dirt will help keep it from becoming slippery.

Be careful with high pressure, as this could do damage to the wood surface. Always start with the lowest pressure and spray from a far distance until you see the result.

  • A brick or stone walkway is a perfect candidate for a power wash. Bricks can look new again with a power wash.  Cleaning your walkway will keep you safe and it will give you a great reason to use the pressure washer.

Use a Pressure Washer to Make Art

While spraying a surface, you may have noticed the designs your wand makes on the surface. It feels like a pen you could almost write with. If you have ever thought of drawing with the pressure washer, you are not alone.

Ordinary people find inspiration while cleaning the sidewalk and go on to create amazing artwork. To give you an idea, see some beautiful examples right here.

It has been called reverse-graffiti, and clean-art. Whatever the name, people found this to be therapeutic and a fun hobby that helped them in hard times.

This hobby grew in popularity during the pandemic, that is why some people know it as Quarantine Pressure Washer Art.

If drawing or spraying free-hand is not your thing, don’t worry. There are even stencils to use that will leave intricate designs on your driveway.

There are stencils that will leave your sidewalk with beautiful jungle leaves, or you can create a brick path design. More options are popping up all the time, and some people have turned this artistic hobby into a successful business.

Remove Graffiti

Street art is beautiful and inspiring, and very different than vulgar or offensive.

In the event of vandalism by spray paint, your pressure washer can remove it from the wall. You could get upset about such a careless act, or you could jump at the chance to use the pressure washer. This would be so much easier than having to buy paint and cover it up.

Strip Paint Away

Pressure washing is a great way to remove paint from wood and other surfaces like metal and concrete.

You can wash away graffiti or any other unwanted paint. For a house to be re-painted, the old paint should be removed for the best result.  A clean surface holds paint better and makes the job easier. The paint will chip away, leaving a fresh canvas to be painted.

Professional painters use this method to cut down the time needed for prep work. It only takes a couple of passes with the spray wand, and the paint is gone.

Strip the paint or stain from a wooden deck when it’s time to repaint. If any paint spills in the garage or driveway, safely remove it with a power wash.

Rust can be washed away from old equipment or tools. Be careful with your power washer, there’s not much it won’t remove.

Peel a Potato or Scale a Fish

Believe it or not, your pressure washer can peel a potato and scale a fish. Those tasks are usually time-consuming, but not with water at high pressure.

You would save some time, but it would take some practice. The potatoes would have to be held in place or they would be blasted away from the pressure.

This could be a fun experiment to test your pressure-washing skills, but remember to be safe.

You can not hold them in your hands because that is too dangerous.

Think of what the washer does to the dirt on concrete, you don’t want that to happen to your skin.

Carve A Pumpkin

Another way to test your accuracy and other pressure-washer skills is to carve a pumpkin.

This is something that is possible to do but will take some practice.

There are pumpkin-carving contests each year and this would certainly put you on the map for creativity.

If you try this and your pumpkin is a blown-up disaster, adjust your pressure and try again.

Or maybe you will realize it’s not your calling to be a pressure-washer pumpkin-carver, and that’s ok, too.

Don’t worry, there are other fun things to do with a pressure washer.

Start A Pressure Washing Business

If you enjoy pressure washing, then why not take it a step further and earn from your hobby?

You could ask neighbors if they would like their driveway washed, and make business cards to hand out.

With enough experience, your skills will open up new opportunities and you could offer other services. Just do your research so you know what you can and can’t do in your business.

With the right attachments, you could wash vehicles. Train a few friends and host a car wash. The opportunities are endless.

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Final Thoughts

It makes cleaning fun. There’s more to it than just cleaning, you can also create art. Some use pressure cleaning as a form of mediation. It is viewed as relaxing and soothing, even if you’re watching a video of someone else cleaning.

There are countless ways to use your pressure washer, so get out there and try a few of these things. You just may be an artist or a pumpkin-carver champion. You’ll never know unless you try.