Squirrels thoroughly enjoy eating corn of all types. While this is not a natural choice for a wild squirrel, due to humans enjoying the prospect of feeding wild animals, this food option has become one that squirrels enjoy most. 

Nothing is cuter than wild squirrels enjoying their food! You can see how much they enjoy what they are eating, from nuts and berries to birds’ eggs. But do squirrels really eat corn?

There are many options when it comes to feeding squirrels corn. But if you’re looking to add squirrel feeding to your list of activities, read on to learn more about what kinds of corn are best to feed your furry buddy. 

squirrel eating corn

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What Kinds of Corn Do Squirrels Like?

Squirrels are not picky eaters, so finding a type of corn that they like is quite easy. See the chart below for a breakdown of the types of corn that squirrels would love to eat.

Corn TypeExplanation
Sweet CornSweet corn is something that squirrels really enjoy eating! You can even give squirrels sweet corn from the can and they would really enjoy it.
Corn on the CobSquirrels really enjoys munching on corn on the cob. This provides squirrels with food and mental engagement as they have to eat their way around the cob.
Dried CornDried corn is the most economic type of corn to feed a squirrel. It’s a good thing they really enjoy dried corn, too.
PopcornPopcorn is a tasty treat that squirrels would love if not cooked to popping. The unpopped kernel would be their favorite way to eat this type of corn.

With the variety of options of corn available to feed squirrels, you’re sure to find the perfect match for the squirrel you’re feeding.

Is Corn Safe for Squirrels to Eat?

Squirrels really love to eat corn, but you could be wondering if it is safe for a squirrel to eat. Wild squirrels will most likely never have the opportunity to eat corn. A domesticated squirrel, however, would more than likely have already gotten to try it.

Most agree that since corn is not a natural food option for squirrels, that corn should be given as a treat. There are a few concerns about specific parts of corn that a squirrel may not be able to properly digest if eaten. 

There can be risks related to each type of corn that a squirrel eats. In particular, the cob of a corn stalk cannot be digested if eaten. As such, this can pose a problem for squirrels.

Corn also contains many simple sugars and is high in starch. This can be unhealthy for a squirrel if consumed in large amounts. Feeding corn should occur in moderation so as to keep your squirrel friend healthy and happy. 

Although squirrels enjoy processed cans of corn as well as fresh corn, there is a lot more salt in anything that is processed. This is not healthy for the squirrel since their regular diet does not include such high levels of salt

When feeding corn to squirrels you should also make sure it is always cooked. Raw corn is hard, so it makes it hard to eat for the squirrels. The toughness of the corn kernel can result in a chipped tooth. This can hinder the squirrel’s ability to eat in the future or cause pain.

How Can You Feed Your Squirrel Corn?

There are a variety of ways that you can feed squirrels corn. Types range from those you fasten onto a tree trunk or others than hang from a branch. If you build up a relationship with the squirrel, you may even convince them to eat from your hand!

The internet offers many choices when it comes to feeding squirrels. For corn, these range in specifics from a tiny picnic table to a bird feeder-like structure. 

Before you decide what kind of feeder that you need, you should first decide what kind of corn you will be using to feed the squirrels. Many squirrel feeders vary in structure for that particular reason.

If you are planning to feed the squirrels loose corn kernels (cooked, of course), a simple feeder could be used. These feeders are similar to what you would use for a birder feeder. The difference is that there is a flat edge on the bottom for a squirrel to stand and eat the kernels. 

The top opens for easy access to whatever yummy corn you’ve left for the squirrels. 

Another feeder option that is intended for feeding corn on the cob might be anything from a glass jar to a picnic table with a sharp item (like a large nail) sticking up from the center. The sharp object offers a place to secure the cob for your squirrels. The structures surrounding the sharp object range from simple to complex.

The glass jar feeder could work for other types of corn, as well. It would be easy to fill with dried corn or sweet corn, even popcorn. The hole in the side of the main structure allows easy access to the food for the squirrel.

You might even encounter something that allows your squirrel to eat the corn without as much effort. There are many feeders with open sides that allow you to place food inside, but then allow the squirrel to eat without going through a hole into another place to eat. 

The main thing to think about when deciding what type of feeder to get for feeding your squirrel’s corn is to purchase a feeder that will successfully allow any squirrel to eat from within. Depending on the type of corn you’re using, your feeder will change to suit those needs. Anything else is just extra!

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Final Words

If you’ve ever wondered, do squirrels eat corn? The answer is absolutely, yes! This is a tasty treat that any squirrel would love. No matter the type you decide to begin feeding, the squirrels in your area will love it.