Can I Use an Expandable Hose with a Pressure Washer?

An expandable hose can be used with a pressure washer when connecting from your house water system to the pressure washing system. But if you are considering using the expandable hose as the pressure washing hose, you must consider its integrity before using it with a pressurized system.

If you have recently gotten a pressure washer, you are likely more than excited to use it! But if your attachable hose happens to be an expandable one, you also might be worried that the pressure could burst the hose.

Keep reading as we go into the details of why and why not an expandable hose could be safe to use with your pressure washer. This way you will know just what factors to consider in order to make sure you and your belongings are safe.

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How Does My Expandable Hose Work With A Pressure Washer?

When looking to use your expandable hose with your pressure washer, it is important to understand if your hose can withstand the pressure of the washing system. Specifically, if you are looking to use it for the connection between the washer and the handle you use, there are several elements to consider, these being:

  1. Age
  2. Material
  3. Length

How compatible the hose is with the pressure washer depends on the length and material of the hose, and its age. Despite expandable hoses being convenient for storage and using the hose without kinks, their flexible nature is not needed for a pressure washer.

This is the main reason for concern as others explore the capabilities of their pressure washer. Because of the intense need for water to operate pressure washers, you need to make sure your hose is strong to withstand this requirement.


So if your hose is a bit old and you expect there might be some minor cracks in it, it is safe to say you should not use that hose. This also goes for hoses that are expandable or not. You do not want your hose bursting and throwing water everywhere!

When a hose has cracks it is not able to push water out with as much pressure as when it was new. This is because the breakage will let out air and water. Even in tiny amounts, this affects the abilities of the hose, and if used for pressure washing, results in poor results.


Another thing to consider is the material of your hose. If a hose is made of PVC pipe, it is not going to be very strong or durable. But if it is made of rubber, that is your best bet to use with your pressure washer. Rubber is strong and the best to use for this situation, but it can be heavy too.

The material of the hose also has an effect on its ability to distribute pressure. If the material is strong and thick, it will work fine. But if it is thin and pliable it can not distribute pressure the same.


Finally, consider the length. If your collapsible hose is to work well for your pressure washer then it needs a good length so you can move it around. This length also factors into the water needs, as the extra length will help distribute the pressure from the water making it less likely there will be any accidents.

Using an expandable hose is possible to use while pressure washing. But it remains prevalent to consider these aspects of your hose in order to determine if it would be a good fit for the system. You do not want to break your hose or comprise your ability to power wash a surface.

Understanding Pressure With Your Expandable Hose

If you want to know more about using a pressure washer with your expandable hose, you should understand a little bit more about PSI, or pounds per square inch. This is a measurement of how much pressure your power washer can put out. Of course, all machines are different, but you will generally see the same PSI for many power washers. What can change this energy output is the diameter of the hose.

Experts have said that hoses with ¼ diameter can be used with a power washer that has a pressure of up to 2700 PSI. Other diameters like 5/16 and 3/8 can be used with power washers with pressures in the range of 2700 – 3400 PSI and 5000 PSI respectively. Basically what this all means is the larger the diameter, the higher the PSI. Which means more power to you!

This also means that expandable hoses that are a bit flimsy should not be used for the connection between the power washer and the pressurized handle. These hoses simply do not have the strength to contain all that power. This is why thick rubber hoses are best for this connection, as they can safely contain the pressure and spit it out at a higher PSI rate.

Despite these facts, some people have still used expandable hoses for this connection and it works for them just fine! Even with this happening, it is not recommended to do this due to all the information we have laid out.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you should look into researching your specific hose and pressure washer to determine their compatibility. In general, it is safe to use your expandable hose when connecting from your house water to the pressure washer itself. But be cautious if you choose to use the expandable hose to pump the high-pressure water out of, as this has the chance to lead to some damaging consequences.

Be sure to understand the pressure capabilities of your pressure washer and take precautionary elements, as they are a great way to understand your machine and how to use it safely. Execute reasonable caution when using the machine, but now you know even more about the specifics of it and can power wash to your heart’s content!