Can I Put a Patio Heater on a Wooden Deck?

As a whole, patio heaters can be used on a wood deck. Being mindful of the style of patio heater you have, its storage requirements and taking time to understand the safety mechanisms that come with your patio heater, you will keep your wood deck, yourself and others safe.

Nothing brings family and friends together on a cool evening like the addition of a patio heater. It’s a great way to add a bit of mood ambience, flare and of course warmth to your outdoor relaxation. Depending on the patio heater you purchase, you may be wondering if you can use it while it’s placed on your wood deck.

Enjoying the heat, fun and ambience that comes with a patio heater on your wood deck is as simple as understanding a few important aspects of having a patio heater. Continue to read on to learn more about storing your patio heater on your wood deck, staying safe with your patio heater and what kind of patio heater would suit your wood deck.

Patio heater on wood deck

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Are Patio Heaters Safe on A Wood Decking?

Generally, patio heaters are safe to place on any wood deck. Most, if not all patio heaters come equipped with safety features such as safety tip-over switches, automatic shut-off valves and remote-controlled thermostats. Understanding how to use these features on your patio heater will ensure that you and your patio are protected from any fire hazards.

With features like remote-controlled thermostats and tip-over shut off mechanisms, you can feel a bit safer knowing that you can walk away from the patio heater and not feel as if you are not in control.

If you are feeling a bit more anxious about a patio heater on your wood deck, keep reading to learn more about suggested safety precautions that can put your mind at ease.

There are further safety precautions you can take to keep your patio heater, wood deck and yourself safe. Preparing your wood deck for your patio heater can add an extra level of safety and peace of mind. Listed below are several suggested precautions you can take to prepare your wood deck for your patio heater.

  • Remove all known flammable liquids or fuel away from your patio heater on your wood deck
  • Keep plants, bushes, or other foliage at a minimum and trimmed back away from the patio heater
  • Give your patio heater a 1-2 foot buffer space from other furniture or decorations
  • Don’t leave any items on the wood deck and close to the patio heater where they could potentially catch fire
  • Place your patio heater in an area where it will not be bumped into or tripped over

As a whole, safety is always key when enjoying and maintaining a patio heater on a wood deck. The levels of suggested safety precautions also change depending on what kind of patio heater you are using on your wood deck. Continue reading below to find out about a  few different versions of patio heaters that would be suitable to use while placed on your wood deck.

What Type of Patio Heater Would Be Good For My Wood Deck?

There are many patio heaters on the market that offer different capabilities and mood-setting ambience. Selecting the best one for your wood deck all depends on what style of patio heater you would like or what fits the space you have to use on your wood deck.

It is worth bearing in mind that each patio heater you encounter will offer a different take on space heating. To give you a brief glimpse into the various styles you can pick from, the list below gives examples of various popular patio heaters that would be suitable for a wood deck placement.

  • Chiminea: although a bit more technical and requiring constant oversight due to loading it up with wood to keep the fire going, a patio heater like a chiminea can be a beautiful complement to your wood deck as they come in a variety of styles from steel to terra cotta. This is perfect for a wood deck that is moderate to larger in size. 
  • Electric Patio Heater: user-friendly, built-in safety mechanisms and comes with the ability to control the temperature on the unit or your phone (if it’s a higher-tech model). Electric patio heaters are perfect for any size wood deck due to its ability to increase or decrease the heat output.
  • Gas Patio Heater: widely sold and popular, moderately expensive to use more than casually due to the cost of propane but a solid and reliable option for any size wood deck.
  • Pellet Patio Heater: eco-friendly, cheap to keep fueled and offers 100% heat emittance to its surrounding area. A solid choice for any wood deck that is larger in size.

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As a basic rule, measure up your wood decking before you buy a patio heater. This will give you the best idea as to what kind of patio heater would fit and if there will be any potential obstacles in front of the heater that could lead to a safety hazard to yourself or your wood deck.

The patio heaters listed above are a great example of what types of patio heaters are available and for what size wood decking they would be suited to.

How Do I Store My Patio Heater on My Wood Deck?

When you are not using your patio heater, you can safely store it on your wood deck with just a few easy steps taken. As a tip to protect your wood deck, make sure that where you leave your patio heater on the deck is not a place where a weathered mark can be made. No one wants rust or worn marks on their beautiful wood deck!

It is possible to store your patio heater indoors but this is only in rare circumstances, like inclement weather, would you need to store your patio heater indoors and not on your wood deck.

The list below reveals the top ways to store your patio heater on your wood deck in a way that keeps it lasting for years to come.

  • Cover your patio heater with a tarp or specialty made cover if it comes with one
  • Empty all fuel materials from your patio heater before storing it
  • If in inclement weather, consider taking your patio heater off the wood deck and storing it indoors
  • Unplug, sort, and store any cords running from your patio heater
  • Store all fuel materials away from the patio heater and off the wood deck where possible

The way you store your patio heater on your wood deck will depend on a lot more than what is listed above. Storage can vary based upon the style of patio heater you have (electric, gas, pellet, wood, etc.) and the space you have to store it in.

Whenever in doubt about the storage of your patio heater on your wood deck, just take it indoors and tuck it away in a quiet corner so it is ready for use the next time you want it back on the wood deck.

Final Thoughts

With just a few steps and considerations, you can feel comfortable basking in the warmth of your patio heater on your wood decking. Now, armed with a bit more knowledge on how to safely have a patio heater on your wood decking, you can confidently go out and set up your mini heat haven and enjoy it with your friends and family.